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Navy Memorials Around The Country

Lone Sailor Statues

Burlington, Vermont
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Great Lakes, Illinois

Long Beach, California

Norfolk, Virginia
San Francisco, California
Washington, D.C.
Waterloo, Iowa
West Haven, Connecticut

Homecoming Statues

Kirkland, Washington
Norfolk, Virginia
San Diego, California
Washington, D.C.

What Can You Do There?

Get One For Your Community – Statue Outreach Program

What Can You Do There?

The Lone Sailor© and Homecoming statues around the country are ideal locations to host a commemorative ceremony or reunion event. For a list of suggestions and local contacts to plan your next event at one of these locations, contact Farrand M. O'Donoghue, Director of Leadership Gifts, at 202-380-0755 or email

The process for our Statue Outreach Program is simple. The Navy Memorial must receive a formal request for a statue from a local command, citizen’s committee or individual. The request must indicate that the requestors recognize the scope and cost of the project and include a detailed local proposal, a statement of purpose and location, ceremonial aspects, a detailed fundraising plan provided by the local project leaders and a timeline for project completion, as well as key contacts for the project. The Navy Memorial will serve as an advisor to the project manager.

Once the request is approved, a local project committee can begin fund-raising unless funds are already available. The basic cost of the statue includes sculptor's fees, casting of the statue (Sailor with Sea bag is the only option for a Lone Sailor Statue), transportation and insurance, site installation and administrative costs. It must be emphasized that this fee does not include any land acquisition, site preparation, or any other costs which the local committee may incur in securing a local site for the statue placement.  A minimum of six months is necessary from the time of actually ordering and funding the statue to site delivery.

For more information regarding the Statue Outreach Program, please contact Mrs. Farrand M. O'Donoghue, Director of Leadership Gifts, at 202-380-0755 or email

Statue Outreach Program

The Lone Sailor© statue was dedicated along with the United States Navy Memorial on October 13, 1987. The Naval Heritage Center opened adjacent to the Navy Memorial in 1991 and the next year The Homecoming© statue was dedicated and placed on the Quarterdeck entrance to the center.

Ten years after the dedication of the original Lone Sailor statue, the idea of "reaching out" to other communities with the beautiful bronze statues occurred. The first of these was The Lone Sailor© dedicated at Recruit Training Center in Great Lakes, IL in 1997. The first of The Homecoming© statues outside the nation's capitol was dedicated in San Diego, CA in 1998. Since then, many more communities have expressed interest in obtaining statues.

Currently 12 Lone Sailor statues and four Homecoming statues have been placed throughout the country. If you click on the cities to the left, you can view a picture of that area's statue along with information about its dedication and sponsor.



The Lone Sailor© statue at Naval Training Center Great Lakes, Illinois.

The Lone Sailor© statue in Burlington, Vermont.


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