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Dark Undergrowth
by Christian "guf" Cummings
Date Added
29 June 1999
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3997 kb
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Dropped into a Strogg underground base, your mission seems simple: Destroy their power source.  However, you have 2 very large obstables.  One being the Strogg themselves, who will bash you and beat you into submission.  Secondly (with this unit anyway) is your surroundings.  Tunnels twist and turn, cavernous rooms and precipices high above everything else threatens your very existance.  It's obvious other Marines would have problems...not you.  You're gonna put it to 'em...and good.

Where to begin?  This unit looks fabulous from the get-go.  Finally, an author has done what I've been thinking for some time:  why create architecture that humans would create?  This is the Strogg we're dealing with here, not some weeny New York architect pulling down six figures.  guf has done what I feel is the epitomy of Strogg architecture.  The level reeks of organica.  Even their power source (the top picture) looks organic, giving this unit a completely different feel from anything you've ever played before.  Since I really can't tell you about one particular structure being great, since they all rocked, I'll just let you download this thing and see for yourself.

As if the excellent architecture wasn't enough, you have to fight, too.  :-)  The monster balance is exquisite, making you feel your doom approach as your ammo wanes and health deteriorates.  Once again, it's very obvious this unit was playtested to the max, because I can't remember once when I had to think about ammo or health.  It was always there at the most appropriate times.  An example of excellent balance occurred when I had just healthed up, when suddenly parasites came flying out from the walls of a hallway.  Their entry points were not obvious, and I actually felt my stomach tighten as they landed and turned their anger toward me.

I really suffered no performance glitches with this unit.  Once I saw a texture flash, but it was brief and I couldn't recreate the problem, so who knows.

What can I say?  This is, by far, one of the best Quake 2 units out there.  With it's original architecture, excellent play balance and good performance numbers, this one will stick with you for awhile.  You may even find yourself comparing future maps to it.  I do.


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