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Australian Gay Marriage Treatment Like Apartheid Inquiry Told
by Newscenter Staff

October 11, 2006 - 9:00 pm ET

(Brisbane, Australia) An inquiry into treatment of same-sex couples by the Australian government has heard an impassioned plea from the mother of a gay man.

"The Federal Government is really persecuting the gays for something they can't help," Shelley Argent told the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

"It's like the South Africans. They persecuted the blacks for something they couldn't help."

Argent told the commission that the root of the discrimination by the government of Prime Minister John Howard is a money grab.

"My son is in a career where he has received bravery citations and regularly puts his life on the line every day. The present Federal Government is quick to accept the taxes my son and his partner pay, without a twinge of conscience, and give nothing in return," she said.

"The Government profits by ignoring same-sex couples because they miss out on the rebates and benefits they'd receive if seen as a couple."

The government in 2004 passed legislation limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples. Since then it has rebuffed calls to allow civil partnerships similar to those in the UK.

After civil partnerships became legal in the UK lat year Howard was asked if his government ever would consider same-sex marriage or civil partnerships. "Never' he replied (story

When Australian Capital Territory passed legislation, earlier this year, giving same-sex couples most of the rights of marriage the federal government blocked the bill from being implemented. (story)

Following the public outcry over Howard's move to kill the ACT bill the Commission set up a six month inquiry to hear from Australians about the federal government's treatment of gays. 

"It's disappointing to learn that there are so many federal laws which make it harder for gay and lesbian couples to manage their finances as compared to heterosexual couples," said Commission President John Von Doussa as he opened the inquiry in Sydney.

Von Doussa will present the commission's report to the government next year but most observers believe it will have little effect.

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