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Chung Kyung-wha, one of the world's foremost violinists, Chung Myung-wha, a cellist, and their youngest brother, the world-renown conductor Chung Myung-whun, formerly of the French National Bastille Opera, established the Chung Trio during the 1970s. They have performed with world class orchestras throughout the world and produced numerous recordings. Not only have they received praise from foreign critics, they have also enjoyed a popular following among Korean music-lovers as well. They have also presented concerts as part of the United Nations' crusade against drug abuse.

Other world-class violinists include Kang Tong-sok and Kim Yong-uk. Recently, two young prodigies, the violinist Chang Sarah and the cellist Chang Han-na, have made headlines. Also, Ko Pong-in from the Korean National University of the Arts' youth program, won top honors at the Young Tchaikovsky Competition in 1997.

Pianists Lee Kyong-suk and Paek Hye-son are also active as both performers and teachers. Other pianists, like Han Tong-il of Boston and Paek Kon-u of Paris, perform frequently on the international stage. Paek is particularly well known for his interpretation of Ravel.

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