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What is it?
Aileron is an email client written for the Window Maker window manager. It has been designed for speed, beauty, and above all, simplicity. It tries to emulate the very well designed NextStep email client, but deviates from it as necessary.

As such it is feature rich, easy to use, and relatively stable.

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Aileron News
  • February 15, 2002:   Aileron being superceeded

    Hello all,

    It seems GNUStep has finally arrived. Since WINGs Is Not GNUstep, I would suggest migration to it (GNUstep). Applications like Aileron were built primarily because there was no equivalent in GNUstep, but over 3-4 years, that has changed. From the looks of it, GNUstep is here to stay. Take a look at a very good example application GNUMail, which I think is mature enough to superceed Aileron.


    Begin forwarded message: (from GNUMail author)


    I would like to inform you that I'm done with all the major changes in the
    CVS version of and Pantomime.

    Here's list of what changed:

    1- Added a fast cache for local mboxes. After building the initial cache for each mbox (the first time it's opened), opening a 5000 messages mbox take 4 seconds instead of 61 seconds on my poor Celeron 400MHz. Also, closing a mbox should also be super fast.

    2- added 'smart' attachment placement (see screenshot).

    3- added a 'Compact' mailbox option to remove permanently deleted messages. They are actually kept in the mbox as long as you don't compact it. You can show/hide deleted messages.

    4- new 'Status' column like Also, added a Size column.

    5- added sorting support (by Date, by Name, by Number, by Size and by Subject) (patch from Pierre-Yves Rivaille)

    6- activated the spell checker

    7- added a Font 'preference panel' for selecting which fonts you want to use for the header name, header value and the content of the mail (patch from Alexey I. Froloff)

    8- added a html stripping function to remove all html codes but keep the actual 'content' of an html mail. This code is only used under GNUstep since Cocoa has HTML support for attributed strings. (patch from Abhijit Menon-Sen)

    9- added a 'Save Attachment' menu in case clicking on an attachment cell on the text view doesn't bring a save panel.

    and more... Note that the Mac OS X port isn't updated. I'm gonna continue working on it all weekend and we should be ready for a release early next week.

    If you can try it and give me some feedback, I would really appreciate.

    You can see a [Note: Older news is deleted, not saved.]

Aileron has reached this point due to the initial efforts of: I would also like to extend my thanks and regards to the whole Window Maker team.