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by Mr. White, Der Kommissar, Vampire and others
Date Added
August 16th 1999
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16 MB
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D O W N L O A D via 
Welcome comittee just waiting for an earthling
Lost in space? Wonder if that guy knows where to go.
Space vessel reception area
This massive download (16 MB) must have taken Loki's Missions quite a while to design. It includes six totally new maps (one secret map included), a new weapon: the plasma rifle, and a new type of soldier that fires bounce or spread plasma. Also included are new textures, skins, sounds, demos and cinematics. The download is not the usual .zip file but an executable with a user friendly install interface; a nice touch.

The mission is as follows: Stroggs have captured you and put you aboard a space ship with destination Stroggos. Since you don't fancy ending up as food for mutants and such, you overpower a guard in your cell and grab his blaster; after that the game begins.

Maps have been designed by three different persons, and I think it shows. There are at least two distinct styles: one with large brushes and lack of detail, and one with the opposite, the latter being my personal favourite. Texturing is average, there are misalignments, but they mostly fit well together. R_speeds are within acceptable limits, with the exception of one or maybe two areas where frame rate dropped, but still it was playable.

The maps feel large, and the outdoor scenery very large. That leaves for some exploration: this mission can be played in different ways, but there are a few goals that need to be achieved before you can continue. I had a lot of fun when I found the secret level that in itself is totally different from what I have seen so far: you dress up in your space suit and step outside for a while whilst fighting Macron on an asteroid with almost zero gravity. Very imaginative and great fun.

There are lots of enemies in this set of maps, so skills will be helpful. A careful approach will often be better than running straight into the combat situations. At times, the blaster will come in handy; shooting around corners before spotted (I know, it's tedious but it works) will help preserve ammunition. Not that there will be any lack of it, ammo depots are found in a few locations. Health is also distributed generously, although there may be a while between refills.

When it comes to gameflow these map are OK. The mini-missions within the set are explained via the F1 messages, so advancement should be pretty simple. It can, however be confusing to which map you are on, and one thing really made me annoyed: there is no hint when crossing between maps. I found myself transported to another map when all I wanted to do was explore a little. Sometimes back, sometimes forward. It wouldn't have taken much time to indicate this, but would have simplified the entering and exiting the maps a lot. When playing the mission itself, I came to think of Aliens (the second movie), especially towards the end; the self destruct sequence and the debris falling everywhere.

If you decide to get this, you probably won't be disappointed, there's a huge amount of action and vast areas to explore. A couple of difficult combat situations will keep you on the edge of your seat. With a little more attention to the detail of the maps, this would have been an even greater experience, but it's above average as it is. Don't miss this one, you'll be missing out on one of the best multi-level missions designed for Quake 2.


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