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Roughing Out a Selfbow
Tillering 101
Finishing a Wooden Bow
Ferret's Board Bow Instructions
Kid's Bow Tutorial
Bibliography (some good resources for making bows)
"Hunting the Osage Bow"  Dean Torges (
"Traditional Bowyers Bible" Hamm et al Vol I for starters but get all 3 eventually (
"The Bent Stick" - Paul Comstock (

  Other Tutorials

Scraper Sharpening
"The Original"
Horn Tip Overlays
String Tutorial
Super Simple Camo Job


2006 Ambush Bow
St. Judes Bamboo Backed Yew 2006
St. Judes Osage Selfbow 2006
Joe's Bow
Madpigslayer's Bow
Dan Frein's Bow
Ron Otto's Bow
Bowmaking Season 2005
MOJam 2004 Commemorative Bow
Lil Hunter's BBO
Wilt's Bow 2
Wilt's Bow
Michaela's Bow
Laine's Bow
Dan's BBO
"John Scifres Day Off"
"No Chance"
Hunting a Bamboo Backed Osage Bow
Hunting an Static Recurve Osage Bow.
Stalking Tiller Live III
Stalking Tiller Live II
Stalking Tiller Live I
John's Bowyer Page


2007 Southern Indiana Bowhunt
2006 Idaho Elk Hunt
New Year's Eve Hunt 2005
Emily's Hunt
Deer camp 2005
2005 HuntMay 2005 including
James' new bow and Laine's First Hunt
2005 Hog Hunt
Little Delta Bow Hunt - 12/31/04
2004 Gun Hunts
2004 Hunt
2003 Gun Deer
Utah Elk Hunt 2002
James' First Hunt Page
John's Hunting Page
Deer Hunt 99 

Wood Cutting

Wood 2006
Hothedge 2005
Wood 2003
MOJam 2002 Pics


MOJam 2005
Cloverdale 2005
2005 Indiana Bow Bee


Kid's Pictures February 2003
Here's the Kid's Latest Bows
Lainey Arrives
John's Family Page


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Mooseman on Alaska
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