The Lane Tech Memorial Garden, located in the courtyard of the building, was dedicated in May 1945.  The dedication was in honor of the Laneites who died in service to our country during World War II and in recognition of all the Lane men who served in the armed forces. 

The Memorial Garden is located in the inner courtyard of the building.  At the east end of the garden is a bronze statue of a young Native American created by the artist J. Sazton.  It is called “Shooting the Stars” and was a gift of the classes 1943-1947.  The statue symbolically reminds students they should have high aspirations. 

At the west end of the garden is the Ramo I. Zenkich Memorial, consisting of a flag pole and granite monument inscribed for the Lane students who lost their lives in the Vietnam conflict. 

A large rectangular pond is in the center of the garden.  It houses two WPA-funded statues by the sculptor Charles Umlauf.  The two cast-stone figures are fountains, and are called “Boys with Sea Forms”, completed in 1941. 

The Memorial Garden was rededicated in 1998, marking the school’s 90th anniversary.  The Lane Tech Alumni Association presented the school with a commemorative plaque placed near the “Shooting the Starts” statue for visitors to learn the significance of the garden to Lane Tech and its students.  The Memorial Garden remains a tribute to all Laneites who have served our country.