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About Us

Al Zaytouna is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 aiming to develop the olive oil sector in collaboration with olive oil cooperatives, producers and relevant industries and businesses. Al Zaytouna represents 14 cooperatives, 6 of which are organic, with a total of 1,700 olive oil producers. Al Zaytouna is managed by an elected board of directors and run by a professional management team. Al Zaytouna is supported by specialized volunteer staff including several volunteers from abroad.

Our Objectives:

Given its significant contribution to agricultural output and employment, the olive oil sector is considered the backbone of Palestinian agriculture. In light of this, Al Zaytouna aims to achieve the following objectives:


*  Develop and promote the olive oil industry as the backbone of Palestinian agriculture.

*  Collaborate with NGOs, governmental bodies and other entities to combine efforts to support this vital sector.

*   Highlight the importance of this fundamental sector as a crucial investment sector.

*   Encourage and support private sector initiatives.

*   Represent farmers and defend their rights.

*   Initiate a social security mechanism for olive oil producers.

 Major Activities:

  • Introduced collective oil pressing and oil storing

  • Certified and registered many cooperatives for the production of organic oil

  • Received funds to develop olive oil production infrastructure

  • Built central stainless steel storages in various production areas

  • Established an olive oil marketing company with the private sector

  • Marketed olive oil in cooperation with the private sector and Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC)

  • Conducted training sessions for olive oil producers in different areas of Palestine