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The 5 Seconds in Life


Five, four, three, two, one! Welcome to LEAP again! We have a few new reporters joined us to report various activities and stories in AYP and SOA. Further to the main theme of Famine Camp 2006 - "Graps the 5 seconds in Life", our LEAPmates are going to lead you to discover the 5 seconds in different AYPers' life. Hope this would help all of you to wisely use your 5 seconds in your life. LEAP knows the examination season has begun (Oh~ too bad!). We have prepared cheering wallpapers and special highlights of upcoming summer activities to light you up.

當大家考完試後,又是放暑假的時間了。今年,學校執行處為大家準備了各種活力十足的夏季活動及課程。容許LEAP在此賣廣告:在大學聯合招生辦法(JUPAS)中的 「學生自薦計劃」中,香港青年獎勵計劃受到極高的讚譽和推祟。此自薦計劃是歡迎各位申請大學的同學呈交課外活動的參與成果,以提高自己成功入大學的機會。現時,自薦計劃中排名為最高的是在奧林匹克運動會中代表出席或取得獎牌人士;次名排名在亞洲區運動會中代表出席或取得獎牌人士;繼而第三位及第四位分別是香港青年獎勵計劃的金章和銀章得獎者。當然,大家要摘銀或是摘金一定不能夠操之過急;假若你有打算為將來而嘗試考取章級,不妨參考LEAP的一些考章秘技吧!

After your examinations, it's about time to start your summer vacation. This summer, we have prepared a series of energetic summer activities for you. An advertisement here: HKAYP is highly recognized by JUPAS Self Recommendation Scheme. The Self Recommendation Scheme welcomes all the applicants to submit relevant extra-curricular activities and acheivements when applying for universities. At present, the highest ranking under the Self Recommendation Scheme is a Medal of or a representative in the Olympic Games; the second place is a Medal of or a representative in the Asian Games; while the third and fourth place is the Gold Award and Silver Award of the Hong Kong Award for Young People respectively. Of course, attaining the Silver or Gold Award is not an instant task. However, if you want to make it, don't miss the tips in this issue of LEAP!


This is the first try of our new LEAPmates. We welcome any comments and we can be reached at soa@ayp.org.hk.


Spring 2006

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