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Patrons: The Immaculate Conception, St Michael, St Bonaventure, St Thomas Aquinas

Honorary Member: Professor Maciej Giertych, B.A., M.A. (Oxon), Ph.D. (Toronto), D.Sc. (Poznan) Head of Genetics Department, Institute of Dendrology, Polish Academy of Sciences.

"And God created man to His own image..." Genesis 1: 27


  • AIMS to inform Catholics and others of the scientific evidence supporting Special Creation as opposed to Evolution, and that the true discoveries of Science are in conformity with Catholic doctrines.
  • FOUNDED in 1977 by John G. Campbell (d.1983) as the Counter Evolution Group, with the newsletter DAYLIGHT. It was relaunched in 1991 with the new format magazine DAYLIGHT.
  • SUPPORTERS include clergy, religious, scientists, doctors, teachers,academics,other professionals and lay folk.
  • FUNDED by subscriptions, donations and sales of publications.
  • PUBLISHES the quarterly magazine DAYLIGHT for subscribers in 20 countries; also produces and distributes pamphlets.
  • PROVIDES a mail order service for literature and audiovisual materials, and advice on resources and information.
  • ORGANISES private and public meetings and talks.
  • INFORMS through letters and articles in the Press and other publications.
  • PROMOTES links with Catholic Origins Societies and activists in other countries.

Past Activities of Daylight Origins Society

The Magazine

24 issues of the magazine published about once a quarter.

Circulation includes U.K., Eire, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, India, Canada, U.S.A., Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

Writers featured in DAYLIGHT included : Cardinal Ruffini, Dr. Guy Berthault, Professor Maciej Giertych, , Bishop Cuthbert O'Gara, Dr. Edward Boudreaux, Gerard Keane, Fr. Guy Gibbins, Dr. David Rosevear, John Campbell, John Collyer. Wallace Johnson, G.K.Chesterton, Dr. Steven Austin, Fr. John Flanagan, Peter Grace, Fr. Peter Lessiter, Dr. Patrick Gill, Fr. David Becker, Patrick Newman, Brother Thomas Mary Sennott, Geoff Chapman, Donal Foley, C.S.Lewis,Redmond O'Hanlon, Robert Bergin, Elizabeth Thornton,and Peter Wilders.

Topics featured included: Sedimentology experiments; Teilhard de Chardin; theistic evolution; vestigial organs; St Augustine; 50 theories of evolution; the sanctity of life; genetics; human language; missing links; Nazism and Communism; Galileo; "Jurassic Park"; polygenism; the Days of Creation; evolution and the New Catechism; the creation of Eve; moral and social consequences of evolution; the Genesis kinds; the encyclical Humani Generis; "flatearthers"; Louis Pasteur; Noah's Ark found?; the Pope and Evolution; creationism in Russia; Catholic teachings on Creation; Original Sin; the C14 tests on the Turin Shroud; the FAITH Movement.


Arranged talks by Gerard Keane in London, Oxford, Cambridge and Monmouth; Professor William Marra, Professor Giertych and Dr Patrick Gill in London;
Professor Gerry Matatics in Cambridge, Peter Wilders in London.
Anthony Nevard has given talks to Pro Fide Forum in London and the Newman Society, Oxford; the St. George Educational Trust; the St. John Fisher Association of priests; the Challoner Group, Westminster; Human Life International; West Bridgford parish, Nottingham. Held bookstalls at the Fifth European Creationist Congress in 1992, and the Faith Of Our Fathers Conference every year from 1996 to 2000.

Other Communications

Letters to the Catholic Hierarchies of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Letters from the Secretary and others to the secular and Catholic Press.
Articles from Daylight published in The Catholic Quarterly Review, Christian Order, Science et Foi and Creation (CSM).

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