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Winter/Spring 2008

Richmond Continuing Education

Michael Khoo

Director of Instruction

Welcome to another season of learning! Our administrative and teaching staff are looking

forward to serving you as you engage in learning something new.

In addition to offering courses in a traditional classroom setting, we also offer online courses through our special program
These proven virtual "classrooms" are well designed and teacher facilitated.




Summer School 2008

update as of January 23, 2008

Here's a summary of what is known at this point and what might happen this summer:

  1. We are planning to offer school-age student summer school programs as per past years:
      • Academic Full Credit (credit)
      • Academic Remedial (credit)
      • Students ESL (non-credit)
      • Enrichment (non-credit)
  2. We believe that the MoEd will provide funding for the Academic Full Credit and Academic Remedial credit programs.  We are uncertain about the other two program areas.  Moreover, if the MoEd does NOT provide funding for any one of the above program areas, we are not clear as to whether school districts will be permitted to charge course fees.
  3. We are anticipating to hear an official announcement from the Ministry of Education by the end of February.

In summary, plans for Summer School 2008 are underway but it has NOT been confirmed 100%. It is anticipated that the Ministry of Educaiton will officially announce Summer School 2008 plans by the end of February; this site will be updated accordingly.


Richmond Continuing Education


Richmond Board of Education


Linda McPhail,

The Richmond Board of Education encourages and supports lifelong learning through Continuing Education. We invite you to join over 10,000 residents of all ages, skills and backgrounds who pursue studies in academic, career or general interest courses during the day, evenings or Saturdays. Hundreds of adult students graduate from Secondary School, earn career Diplomas and gain course certificates through this convenient service. Continuing Education keeps many schools open weekdays until 10 pm throughout the year - fall, winter, spring and summer - to both serve your learning needs and make full use of our buildings and equipment. You will find several hundred subjects to choose from, including many new titles. Please keep this Course Directory on your reference shelf - you will find many useful learning activities for all ages offered at your local public schools and other partner locations. Put your time to good use and enrol in a Continuing Education class.

Richmond Board of Education



Donna Sargent
Vice Chairperson


Chak Au


Sandra Bourque


Andy Hobbs


Bobby Singh

Grace Tsang


Superintendent of Schools


Dr. Bruce Beairsto

Continuing Education is just what its name implies: opportunities for you to continue your education so that you might better meet personal goals, needs and interests. I would strongly encourage you to look closely at the range of offerings in this Directory and take the opportunities they represent. It could open new doors to rewarding experiences.

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