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The idea of using distributed volunteers was conceived, by Bob Kanefsky, who developed this site. (For legal purposes, the responsible NASA official is Sonie Lau.)

The site is currently funded by the HiRISE camera project (part of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter mission). For questions related to HiRISE, contact

As with most web sites, there is a FAQ that you should check before asking questions by email. Your question may already have been asked and answered.

Please understand that it is not possible for us to respond to very much email, and we may not even be able to read all of it. This is a pilot study with very limited funding, run part-time by one software engineer, with occassional input from two scientists. We have had over 100,000 volunteers entering data. Fortunately, fewer than 1% have sent email, but even that is a lot, especially when the person answering the email could otherwise be spending his time enhancing the site.

Please resist the temptation to send email pointing out interesting images; we don't have the staff to read or answer them. At this time, we are only focusing on quantifying specific feature types and are not able to accept qualitative descriptions. NASA does provide a number of educational sites for the public, but this is not one of them. You may learn something from this site, but you're on your own.

If you would still like to write to us, the address is:

You can also contact the NASA Ames Public Affairs Office

NASAAmes Research Center

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