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Character Education

Elementary Lesson

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  • Construction paper, glue scissors
  • Survey printed out
  • Spreadsheet program

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Complete each of the following stations. Plan on spending approximately 40 minutes in each activity.

Station 1. Make a bookmark with one of the pillars of character on one side and an example on the other. (Handout B)

Station 2. Create a web of you and your characters and give examples of those characters. (Handout C)

Station 3. Create a graphic of your hand and place the pillars of character on the fingers and palm, then put an example under each pillar. (Handout D)

Station 4. Use the worksheet to list examples of each pillar and research library quotes (internet library or paper) to find your favorite quote. (Handout E)(Handout F if internet not available)

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 STATION 1: Bookmarks

  1. Either using a computer or rulers and paper, draw 2 rectangles the width or length of the paper being used.
  2. In one rectangle, write one of the following pillars of character:
    Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Caring, Respect, Citizenship, Fairness. If possible laminate your new bookmark.

 STATION 2: Character Webbing

  1. Have another student take a picture of you with the digital camera.
  2. Boot up Inspiration or a word processor with drawing tools and insert your picture in the middle of the paper to begin a web.
  3. Draw a circle around each character trait : Respect, Fairness, Responsibility, Citizenship, Trustworthiness and Caring.
  4. From each character trait, list examples of your behavior that portray the specific trait.

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 STATION 3: Hand of Character

  1. Scan your hand or draw it with a paint program.
  2. In each of the fingers and on the palm, label one of the pillars of Character Counts. OR - You may also brainstorm with the group qualities you feel are important to positive character. For each character trait how you have represented that trait/pillar.

If you do not have Technology available, trace your hand on a sheet of paper with a crayon. Write the pillars in each finger and the palm.

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 STATION 4: Character is ...

  1. Explore the definitions of the pillars of characters on the following website:
    Give three examples for each pillar listed on the worksheet.

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This module created by Susan C. Smith, Vern Richardson, Michelle Lewis, Barbara Kuhns, and Tunbi Adeogba, RETA instructors.

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