James Catledge          
CEO Impact Net Worth  

Steve Cabezud Testimonial

In March of 2003 I met a gentleman by the name of David Chu. We had met because of our passion for freedom and the issues our country was facing at the time regarding the war that was about to start in Iraq.  We had an instant connection and rallied our families into this new common interest of freedom. I was a painting contractor and Chu an engineer. Months later we made a decision to go into business together to raise money to support our future ventures.

My associate had heard of a new mortgage startup company, so we gathered our wives and traveled to San Francisco, California, to meet the leadership and see the opportunity.  We ran a little late that night but made our way around the large auditorium into some seats far off the stage view which turned out to be the speakers’ area.  A number of speakers stood up that night but only one stood out!  Introduced as a millionaire and a million dollar annual earner, James Catledge stood before hundreds of people and spoke eloquently. I had the privilege of sitting right behind James Catledge, and I had the opportunity to meet him personally. On his seat was a manual outlining his business model. The cover read Impact. Inside was his vision of building wealth for families, and his words rang true to my heart and mind.  James Catledge agreed to fly to our home town of Santa Rosa, California, and tell us more about the business opportunity. What impressed me the most about James Catledge was his willingness to spend his time and dime to travel to our city, although he was obviously very busy starting a new company.

Weeks later I interviewed James Catledge all day long in the lobby of the Flamingo hotel, putting every trusted friend and financial advisor I knew in front of him. After each interview my friends and trusted advisors signed off on James Catledge. His confidence, language skills and understanding of money was like nothing we had ever heard before. Finally, my financial advisor who I had worked with for years interviewed Mr. Catledge.  As we sat there, I can remember these two men talking in what seemed like a foreign language, money language I had not heard before.  I was very impressed at what I had heard. Interested in my advisor’s opinion, I walked him out the door and asked him what he thought. To my dismay he shrugged his shoulders and said he was not impressed. This alarmed me because I had heard things in that interview I had never before heard about money. My money was under my advisor’s management and had not done well over the last 10 years. I decided that day to follow a leader who had personally navigated financial freedom and made more money than I did.

Today, my family enjoys financial freedom because of Mr. James Catledge and Impact Net Worth. This business system works and set our family financially free. The mentorship has been incredible. The leadership skills I have developed have changed my life forever. I now teach these proven, delectable principles to hundreds families. I am very grateful to James Catledge and his willingness to share his leadership, his friendship and his family. He is a leader, a visionary for the times we live in, and a man of high integrity.  He has done the right thing every time. The American life is better thanks to James Catledge! 

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