Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)

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Reviews Counted: 114 Fresh: 30  Rotten:84 Average Rating: 4.3/10
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 1 hr 37 mins
Theatrical Release: Aug 27, 2004 Wide
Box Office: $31,526,393
Some greedy scientists discover the "blood orchid" holds the secret to immortality, blooms once every seven years, and only grows deep in the jungles of giant python-infested Borneo. Quickly, an expedition is formed but it's the rainy season and the only boat they can charter is a leaky barge... [More]

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Its appeal is that it takes itself very seriously, even if we can't, and 90 minutes of gently laughing at it is almost worth the price of admission. [More]
A scary, fun, fast and efficient B-movie that crushes such bloated would-be blockbusters as 'Van Helsing' and 'AVP' in its CGI coils. [More]
these creatures attack strictly one at a time, so that Anacondas misses every opportunity to live up to its titular promise. [More]
A lot better than a slapped-together sequel to a campy original has any right to be. [More]
You know exactly what you're getting into when you sit down to watch a movie in which there is not only one but many giant super snakes...Please tell me you know. [More]
After watching this film you feel that you've aged a thousand years. [More]
An above average genre specimen -- despite a predictable nature from which there's no escape. [More]
How many dopes could a big snake squish if a big snake could squish dopes? [More]
Folks, you’ll know whether you want to see this movie or not by the title alone. [More]
The CGI snakes are so blatantly computer-based that you expect them to occasionally pause and say ‘You’ve got mail! [More]
Once this movie's momentum gets going, watching it is like experiencing a schlocky monster movie, Lord of the Flies and Peter Gabriel's Shock the Monkey video all at once. [More]
Yes, it's a terrible movie and a waste of millions of dollars, but the upside is that Anacondas is hilarious. [More]
There's no J. Lo this time, no Ice Cube, no Jon Voight, no Owen Wilson. [More]
So who is this movie for? Based on my experience at the theater, kids who just turned thirteen yesterday. [More]
Obviously the cast and crew don't care that this makes no sense--they got a great holiday in Fiji. [More]
It's a bit more conscious of the fact that it's a bad B-movie, so it goes along with it, which makes for a lot of fun and a noisy audience laughing both with and at the filmmaker's liberal use of genre clichés. [More]
More snakes does not a better movie make. [More]
The big snake is back and he's brought along some friends. [More]
As a junky B-movie thriller, it could have been a lot worse. [More]
This is a film that manages to take what should have been delirious camp fun and turn it into a struggle to keep any remote interest. [More]
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