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Cork county board agrees to arbitration
by Brian Murphy, 12 February 2008

Cork county board agrees to arbitration

The Cork county board agreed on Tuesday night to turn to Labour Relations Commisson chief executive Kieran Mulvey to enter binding arbitration with the striking hurlers and footballers in a bid to end the ongoing impasse in the Rebel County.

A meeting of club delegates from around the county at Pairc Ui Chaoimh late on Tuesday night voted 96-13 in favour of the move.

"The county board has voted by 96 to 13 to enter binding arbitration in an effort to finally resolve this dispute," Cork PRO Bob Ryan said.

"We have applied to Kieran Mulvey, the CEO of the LRC to set up the arbitration and to make contat with the players and try and ensure that the players take part in it.

"As everybody knows involved in this business, binding arbitration means that whatever the arbitrators find at the end of their arbitration, it is binding on all parties."

However, the players must now agree to enter the arbitration, and Ryan appealed to them to take part in what is regarded by many as the last possible solution to the dispute.

"We would appeal to the players to take part in this process because this is the endgame, this is the last option open to us to resolve it.," Ryan added.

Mulvey has already been in contact with the county board and he is expected to communicate with the players on Tuesday night to make the arrangements for the establishment of an arbitration process.

Should the players agree, the process is expected to start on Wednesday morning and it is hoped that a resolution could be reached as early as the evening.

The county board agreed to reconvene on Thursday to discuss the developments over the last few days, sparking hopes that Cork could play a part in the National Hurling and Football Leagues next weekend.

The LRC chief indicated on Tuesday that arbitration might be the only means of finding a resolution to the three-month stalemate.

Arbitration is a binding process with no avenue of appeal which would see an independent third party ruling on the matter.

Stay with for all the reaction from this breaking story on Wednesday morning.

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