Developer's Contest Winners

Are you a programmer, web developer, or a Technorati power user? Join the Technorati Developer program!

In November, we launched our first developer's contest! It's been enlightening to say the least, and the entries and the ideas exchanged were truly exciting. We are proud to share the best of them with you here.

Specifically we were looking for the most innovative uses of the Technorati API. We valued such things as – did the application run as well as promised, was the idea innovative, did the application meet a need in the marketplace? Entries that were open source were a plus.

This was our first contest, there will be more. Thank you to all who entered.

Grand Prize Winner

joshua tauberer

Joshua Tauberer, GovTrack

Get Conversations Technorati Cosmos

Want to know the status of a bill on the floor of Congress, who misses the most votes, or who gets the most bills passed? is like School House Rock on steroids for adults (oh, and children). uses the Technorati API to show what bloggers are saying about bills as they work their way through Congress.
Joshua won a $2,500 gift certificate.

Runners Up

Stefan Magdalinski

Stefan Magdalinski,

Get Conversations Technorati Cosmos is democratizing the BBC by giving every reader the chance to comment on any article, live and in real time. uses the Technorati API to add a sidebar of links to weblogs commenting on the article.

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz,

Get Conversations Technorati Cosmos

The URL speaks for itself. This website lets you stay on top of all things political. Specifically, it uses Technorati to show which politicians are rising and falling in the blogosphere-a phenomenon that has become increasingly relevant with politics and journalism.

Niall Kennedy

Niall Kennedy, NetNewsWire RSS Cosmos

Get Conversations Technorati Cosmos

NetNewsWire gets even better. Readers now have a quick and easy way of staying informed about the latest conversations around any RSS news item. This AppleScript plugin adds a menu item to NetNewsWire which will subscribe to the Technorati Cosmos RSS feed for the item they are currently reading.

Timothy Appnel

Timothy Appnel, XML::XOXO Perl Library

Get Conversations Technorati Cosmos

This cool new tool for developers will be included as part of the Technorati SDK. XML::XOXO supports XOXO processing of XHTML outlines, blogrolls, and Attention.XML. Timothy has graciously open sourced his code for all developers to use.

Michael Dale

Michael Dale, Touchgraph Integration

Get Conversations Technorati Cosmos

Michael described his entry as 'Just an integration of Technorati API with the Touchgraph open source graphing system.' Our engineers say otherwise and think this a great innovative example use of the Technorati APIs to graphically visualize connections and relationships among blogs. Because it's open source, it's also a great tool for developers.

All runners up won an Apple iPod.