Anything Else (2003)

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Reviews Counted: 129 Fresh: 52  Rotten:77 Average Rating: 5.1/10
Rated: R
Runtime: 1 hr 49 mins
Theatrical Release: Sep 19, 2003 Limited
Box Office: $3,135,535
Jason Biggs and Christina Ricci star as a mismatched couple in Woody Allen's funny and well-made romantic comedy ANYTHING ELSE. Biggs plays Jerry Falk, a young comedy writer looking to make it big, while Ricci is Amanda, a self-absorbed free spirit whom men go wild for. They fall for each other... [More]
Director: Woody Allen
Screenwriter: Woody Allen
Producer: Letty Aronson

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Woody Allen re-shoots �Annie Hall� scene for scene except this time he does not obscure his bitterness toward women. [More]
Is it the most irritating movie of the year? Heck, yes. [More]
This effort can't really be called a success, but it does have several funny and charming moments. [More]
Will Allen come out the other side and find the gentle, romantic side of life once more? Anything Else gives us a bit of hope; but we're not quite there yet. [More]
Joining the small list of male actors who have taken the lead in an Allen film ... Biggs also proves himself to be the least engaging, or interesting, of the lot, coming across much more like an innocent bystander than the centerpiece of an urban comedy. [More]
It's so irrelevant, unambitious and lazy it almost seems to be thumbing its nose at the daring filmmaker Woody once was. [More]
Who knows what sense an American Pie-digging, Woodman-ignorant undergrad might make of the canned rhythms, the trilobite-era one-liners, the awkward declarative dialogue, the Catskills-resort frames of reference, the freshman philosophy. [More]
Though hardly vintage Allen, this madcap comedy hits its marks far more often than it misses [More]
surprisingly relaxed [More]
Allen plays a 'deranged' paranoiac who for once is not just a self-absorbed intellectual but a true creation of what his character calls our 'perilous times'... [More]
There's a lot of truth in the screenplay, and, combined with Ricci's top-notch, can't-take-your- eyes-off-her-when- she's-on-screen performance, this gives the movie a strong spine. [More]
Biggs may have the comically compulsive anxiety thing down pat, but he just doesn't have the screen presence to make it compelling � especially when breaking the fourth wall to talk to the audience. [More]
The movie rambles, sputters and repeats itself for 108 minutes before staggering to an unsatisfying conclusion. [More]
Like everything else Allen has done in the last decade -- dull, self-indulgent and not funny. Enough, already. [More]
Part of the appeal is that the creep-out factor has been excised -- namely, Allen's tendency to cast himself as elderly nebbishes who prove to be irresistible to young women. [More]
(...) Val�a la pena seguir esperando la siguiente pel�cula de Allen; despu�s de Anything Else no estoy tan seguro de ello. [More]
While no one will mistake Anything Else as being worthy of comparison to Allen�s best work, it�s refreshing to see the bespectacled genius lay his cards out on the table once again. [More]
Unlike the wan doodles Woody's been cranking out for the past few years, this dark, often hilarious cacophony boasts a mile-wide ugly streak I found immensely satisfying. [More]
Allen just does what he does, and he does it very well. [More]
So little honesty, so little trace of humanity, that watching it is a little like eating a broken vase, one shard at a time. [More]
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