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Clay McCuistion's blog

"Best of the Blogs"

Starting in the next couple of weeks, the Monitor will regularly feature excerpts from posts and comments here at blogsNH. When we began the site -- and at points in the last year and a half -- we have published such excerpts.

Great work

A quick thank you to all of the bloggers and readers for your work in these first couple of weeks of 2008. You've made blogsNH an interesting place to spend time.

For any of those curious about blogsNH on the airwaves, here is the link to my appearance late last month on Meet the New Press:

BlogsNH on the Airwaves

Sorry for the late notice, but if folks are interested, I'll be appearing on Newstalk 1490 WEMJ's "Meet the New Press" this morning as a token non-election related guest.

The show starts at 9 a.m., and I'm scheduled for about 9:15.

Open Comments

Last week, we removed text verification from comments for blogsNH. We've had complaints about this, and we ultimately decided that it's better to keep the discussion open and deal with the spam.

Our Policies at blogsNH

Just a reminder to users of blogsNH. At the bottom of every page of this site, we have a simple warning. "The Monitor's purpose in publishing community blogs is to provide an open and civil forum for ideas of interest or importance to readers.

Welcome to Joe

I'd like to welcome photographer Joe Klementovich to blogsNH. He should begin posting soon, showing us, in his words: "The unseen parts of our state that make it what is is - anything from ic

Humble Requests

Hello all. Bloggers, I understand that it's the holiday season and everyone is stressed out. But please, as you prepare your festivities, remember blogsNH. I'd appreciate any new posts -- especially from folks who haven't written recently.

Comments Corrected

To our bloggers and readers: It appears that the text validation for leaving comments has been fixed. Many of you have wanted it fine-tuned for a while now, and we have paid attention.

Please try it out, and if you have any problems let me know.

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a note to our bloggers and readers today -- have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. And don't sprain anything while shopping tomorrow!

Some numbers

Hello, everyone. I'm back from my vacation. Several weeks ago, it was suggested that we let bloggers know how many people are reading their posts. While I'm not ready to reveal every detail, I can pass on some general information.

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