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There are many books, papers and websites on the origins, symbolism and meaning behind the Green Man and I am not considering these here. For me the Green Man is a symbol of our connection with nature, with the earth, a reminder that we are a part of the cycle of life and death of all living things on earth. He is for me a reminder of our humility and weakness against nature. His presence in vast numbers all over the world cannot be ignored and once one starts looking for him, he is to be found everywhere; in churches, on buildings such as banks, post offices and town halls. He is seen on memorials and grave-stones, and he is seen in modern works of art. As a musician I often have time to look around the cathedrals and churches in which I am playing. I also travel to many towns, and make a "Green Man hunt". My mother and I also go on "Green Man hunt holidays", where we travel around looking for Green Men.
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Complete list of Green Men found to date in Germany. I am constantly adding to this list. Do you know of any Green Men in Germany? Please send me details and photos to:


Click on each link on the left for photos and details of Green Men in each town I have visited in Germany. Don't forget, you can add to this collection! Email me details and photos at the address above.

Other locations

Photos sent to me by other people, and towns where there are not enough Green Men to warrant a separate page.

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