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How do you think WLUSU has handled the election problems?

They are handling this situation remarkably well.
Given the difficult nature of the whole situation, they are definitely doing the best they can.
I think it's quite a disaster, and don't really agree with the route they are taking.
I can't believe what an absolute scew-up this whole election has been.

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The Cord Weekly is the flagship publication of Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications (WLUSP) and the official student newspaper of Wilfrid Laurier University.

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Laurier Trivia Challenge

Laurier Trivia Challenge
Dave Shore  Jan 16, 2008

Think you know everything there is to know about Laurier, but have never had the opportunity to prove it? We thought so. Try testing your knowledge of Laurier trivia.

* Image By: Julie Marion

Laurier Trivia Challenge

The quiz is now over!  Thanks to everyone who participated. 

The answers are now bold in the questions below.

The top 5 participants have now been contacted about their prizes.  Congratulations!


Christmas time is over, and everyone is back, firmly entrenched in another grueling semester of school work. The days of gift wrap, turkey dinners and relaxation have been ushered out and replaced by four more months of papers, books, and tests.

In light of this, Cord Features presents a test of its own. Our test, however, is entirely optional, just for fun, and best of all, not for marks.

Take a look at our trivia challenge and take some time to think about the questions. Then, next time you’re at a computer, go to our website at to take the quiz, submit your responses, and find out the answers.

Whoever scores the best on the quiz will win some great prizes. Contest entry will be open until Friday at midnight. Full contest details will be available on our website.

But for now, enjoy the Cord Trivia Challenge, and find out if you are indeed a trivia buff. Do you know all there is to know about WLU?

General Trivia

1. WLU currently has how many faculty members?
- 679
- 580
- 493
- 1590

2. Which former Premier of Ontario is WLU’s current chancellor?
- Mike Harris
- Bob Rae
- Ernie Eves
- David Peterson

3. The Maureen Forrester Recital Hall was named after a former Laurier:
- President
- Dean of Music
- Dean of Students
- Chancellor

4. You cannot receive a degree from WLU in which of the following cities?
- Toronto
- Hamilton
- Kitchener
- Brantford

5. In 1999, its first year of operation, Laurier Brantford had how many students enrolled?
- 39
- 52
- 78
- 96

6. WLU was the first school in Canada to offer this student service that had already gained
prominence in American universities:
- A students' union
- Fraternities and sororities
- An environmental club

Laurier, Numerically

7. WLU consists of how many faculties?
- 5
- 6
- 7
- 8

8. What percentage of WLU’s student body is from outside of Ontario?
- 13.6%
- 9.7%
- 4.3%
- 2.5%

9. WLU’s Waterloo campus consists of how many buildings?

10. Of all the buildings on the Waterloo campus, how many of them are residences?
- 16
- 12
- 20
- 9

University History

11. When Wilfrid Laurier University was founded in 1911, it was originally opened under what name?
- Waterloo Lutheran University
- Waterloo College
- University of Waterloo
- Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada

12. Female students first studied at WLU in what year?
- 1911
- 1929
- 1940
- 1963

13. The first form of student government – the students' executive council - which later became WLUSU, was created in what year?
- 1911
- 1929
- 1940
- 1963

14. When Laurier students first started Shinerama, they took to the streets repeating which phrase in order to raise money for charity?
-“let us wash your car for CF”
-“Everybody could use some sunshine.”
-“Let us shine your shoes and brighten someone’s day.”
-“Let us shine your shoes for retarded children.”

15. Wilfrid Laurier University holds the record for the highest-grossing Shinerama campaign in history, with $177,000 raised in what year?
- 2003
- 2005
- 2006
- 1993

16. In 1973, WLU changed its name from Waterloo Lutheran University to Wilfrid Laurier University. Which of these alternate names were not on the short list of possible names?
- Leif Erikson University
- Marlboro University
- Beaver University
- Mackenzie King University

Golden Hawks Athletics

17. Before WLU’s sports teams went by the moniker of Golden Hawks, what less dynamic animal did our athletes call themselves?
- The Parrots
- The Mules
- The Aardvarks
- The Lemmings

18. Wilfrid Laurier University has won two Vanier Cups in its history. How many times has WLU competed in the Vanier Cup game and gone home empty-handed?
- 0
- 1
- 3
- 6

19. Aside from the Golden Hawks men’s football team, which of these Golden Hawks teams has won a national championship within the CIS?
- Men’s curling
- Women’s hockey
- Women’s rugby
- Women’s lacrosse

20. How many OUA championships have the Golden Hawks women’s lacrosse team won in the last 5 years?
- 2
- 3
- 4
- 5

21. How many former Golden Hawks were listed on CFL rosters in 2007?
- 2
- 5
- 10
- 18

22. Two former Golden Hawks have won gold medals for Canada in 2006 in what Olympic sport?
- Freestyle skiing
- Figure skating
- Ice hockey
- Bobsledding

Our Namesake, Wilf

23. Sir Wilfrid Laurier is depicted on which Canadian currency?
-the five dollar bill
-the ten dollar bill
-the twenty dollar bill
-the fifty dollar bill

24. On what day did Laurier enter office as the first French-Canadian Prime Minister of Canada?
- Sept 18, 1871
- July 11, 1896
- Jan 3, 1910
- Mar 23, 1925

25. Wilfrid Laurier holds the record for the most time spent holding a seat in the House of Commons. For how long did Laurier have a seat in parliament?
- 20 years
- 30 years
- 37 years
- 45 years

26. Which of these Canadian political records does Wilfrid Laurier not hold?
- Longest unbroken term as a PM
- Most consecutive federal elections won
- Longest time as the leader of a political party
- Largest majority won in parliament

WLU Alumnus

27. Laurier graduate Paul Heinbecker formerly held which of these positions?
- Federal Member of Parliament for Waterloo
- CBC international correspondent
- Canadian ambassador to the United Nations
- President of the Royal Bank of Canada

28. Laurier Grad Cam Heaps co-founded and is president of which brewing company?
- Brick Brewery
- Steam Whistle Brewing
- Steelback Brewery
- Lakeport Brewing Company

29. Since 1963, WLU has given honorary degrees to how many former Canadian Prime Ministers?
- 3
- 4
- 6
- 8

30. Which Canadian hip-hop artist has a degree in economics from WLU?
- Shad
- Kardinal Offishall
- K’naan
- K-Os

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