The $5.00 Photo Studio

Photography of our work as artists is a topic that seems to come up all the time. This month's tutorial is one way to approach creating a simple to use reusable photo studio for very small dollars. Of course you need to have a camera to start and that's not included in the $5.00!
I'll also show you a couple of tips for editing your photo's as well.

First The materials

To construct this little photo studio your going to need to do a little shopping...

1) You'll need a white translucent bowl for the main body of the studio. Check our your local grocery store, or department store for a bowl of the size you need for your work. In the video I'm using the largest bowl from a set that I purchased from Ikea for $1.99.

2) You will also need a camera support. The camera support I constructed was made from a (click on this item if you need a link to an online hardware store that carries this component --> ) National Hardware model V1891 friction lid support that cost me $1.75.

3) Also required were 2 number 8 machine screws and nuts with washers for about and $0.25 and one 1/4-20 screw with a nylon wing nut for camera attachment.

Note that I did not include lights in my costing because you may already have lights around your studio that already do what you need if not, the lights I'm using in the video are simple clamp on lights with daylight fluorescent bulbs installed. Add about another $10.00 or so to get equipped with 2 lights and bulbs if you look around.

Background Gradients & Images: These have been on our "News from the Studio" page for some time now, but since they are particularly relevant for this tutorial I brought a copy of them on to this page to make them easier to find. These files are all 8 1/2" x 11" so yo can print them on your home inkjet. Don't forget to set high quality to avoid 'banding' when you print them out. Right click on the one your interested in and select "Save Target", give it a name and you will save the full size file on your machine. If you want to download the whole collection right click here to select the zip file and save that instead.

Black to White Black to Gray Black to White (angled) Black & White (faux fabric) Blue to White Blue Skies Magenta to White

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