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The 2007 General Assembly in Sofia

The "Family Photo" of the 2007 General Assembly in Sofia

CEV President Mr. Andre Meyer, CEV Vice President Mr. Jan Hronek & the BVA 2007 Board of Administration

The 2008 Board of Administration
Mr. Milutin Popovic (Vice President), Mr. Dancho Lazarov (President), Mr. Achilleas Mavromatis (Secretary General)

The 2007 General Assembly in Sofia

The 2007 General Assembly of the BVA was held in Sofia (Bulgaria), on Saturday Dec. 15 and was attended by the CEV President Mr. Andre Meyer and the CEV Vice-President Mr. Jan Hronek. Mr. Meyer expressed his satisfaction about the activities and the work done by the BVA and stressed the support CEV and FIVB to the Balkan Volleyball Association.
Mr. Dancho Lazarov, the President of the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation, was elected BVA President for 2008 in Sofia, Mr. Milutin Popovic (the new President of the Bosnia & Herzegovina Federation), was elected as the new Vice President and Mr. Achilleas Mavromatis will continue as Secretary General for the next three years. Furthermore, Mr. Zoran Karanovic (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) was added to the Technical Commission and Mr. Tosho Stoyanov (Bulgaria) to the Beach Volley Technical Commission.
Presidents and representatives of all 10 member countries of the Balkan Association attended the Assembly in the Bulgarian capital. The outgoing President Mr.
Gjergji Leqejza and the Secretary General Mr. Mavromatis presented the activity report of the 2007 season. The BVA members approved the organizers of the 2008 BVA competitions and two new tournaments were added to the BVA Calendar, making the BVA the Zonal Association with the most competitions. These are the BVA Cup, a brand new Club tournament for clubs not eligible to take part in the European Cups and the Beach Volley U23 Championships. Both were welcomed by the CEV President.
Finally, it was decided that Serbia will host the 2008 meeting of the Technical Commission in Belgrade and Greece the 2008 General Assembly in Orestiada, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the inaugural BVA assembly, which was held in the same city in 1998.
During the BVA General Assembly, the Bulgarian Olympic Committee and the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation organized a small but very emotional ceremony, to honour the surviving members of the 1957 Bulgarian Men’s National Team. On that year, the Bulgarian team won an international volleyball tournament, which was staged in Sofia on the occasion of the IOC Congress and thus persuaded the IOC members to include volleyball in the Olympic programme. Among those honoured were legends like Todor Simov and Dimitar Zahariev.
Present in Sofia were the following delegates:
BVA: Gjergji Leqejza, Albania (President), Dancho Lazarov, Bulgaria (Vice President), Achilleas Mavromatis, Greece (Secretary General), Zacharias Nikolaidis, Greece (Press Officer)
BULGARIA (Hosts): Ivan Todorov (BOA Member), Ilia Iliev (BOA Member), Stanislav Nikolov (Executive Director)
Leonard Tase (Sec. Gen.)
BOSNIA/HERZEGOVINA: Milutin Popovic (President), Alija Fatic (BOA Member)
F.Y.R.O.M.: Marjan Ivanov (President), Zoran Karanovic (Sec. Gen.)
GREECE: Thanasis Beligratis (President), Periklis Bakodimos (Technical Coordinator)
MOLDOVA: Artur Romascan (Vice President), Gheorghi Bahov (BOA Member)
MONTENEGRO: Slobodan Kovacevic (Sec. Gen)
ROMANIA: Viorel Manole (Sec. Gen.)
SERBIA: Aleksandar Boricic (President), Slobodan Milosevic (Sec. Gen.)
TURKEY: Mrs. Nilufer Shimonsky (Int. Relations Manager)

BVA General Assemblies & Meetings

2007: Technical Committee Meeting in Bucharest

2006: General Assembly in Skopje

2006: Technical Committee Meeting in Sofia

2005: General Assembly in Tirana

2005: Technical Committee Meeting in Thessaloniki

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