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Alice and the rape zombies

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Alice and the rape zombies

By: Anonymous on 7chan in /x/
Posted in Wikichan by: --Heavyoak 23:50, 13 August 2007 (UTC) 

((The majority of this was written by an anonymous, ambiguously androgynous author named Alice. One section by an anonymous author who remained anonymous, and for the last bit, the zombie raep expert NotSage&.))

Alice ran. The screams were getting louder behind her, and she burst through her front door and ran, swinging left on her door jam and sprinting down the street. Forgotten back in the house, fourteen candles slowly sputtered out, as the last of the wax covered her cake. She heard ran. The street outside was littered with bodies and wreckage and, much to her disgust, fluid. They were behind her. Of course they were, they could smell her. They scampered over the broken ground, more like a force of nature than people. But they weren't any faster than her, and if she kept running, she might just out last the- Ooops. Alice fell to the ground as her foot slid out from under her, slipping in a pool of the...Fluid, she had to think of it as fluid. She tried to get up, but they were already at her, tearing at her clothes. She screamed, a wild, feral noise, driven by instinct, not any chance of rescue. She punched hard, and felt it's neck snap back. The body of the animal...person...thing, fell to the ground, and she got to her feet and started running. She didn't get much further. Another one tackled her, and pushed her to the ground. She tried to push it away before another set of hands held her to the ground. Alice tried to struggle, to tense up, Anything. Not that it mattered. The member tore into her. Death had made it stiff, but the monsters directed so much blood to it, they were huge. She tried to scream, when another swollen penis jammed into her mouth and silenced her. She struggled against the pounding. She felt blood flowing, copiously, down her pussy, and tears slid down her cheeks in a torrent. They battered into her, without any regard to her, or their surroundings. They fucked, only motivated by their only meaning. Suddenly, the monsters spasmed, and jammed their dicks, as one, deep into her, stabbing her with a new level of pain. She thought she would die. Then she felt the fluid, warm and almost indistinguishable from the blood, filling her. She was gone. She stopped struggling, paralyzed by the disease, and they pulled out. She didn't move as one flipped her over, and lay, limply, as it raped her ass, ripping her further. The screams were trapped, but the pain was real. They continued, for hours, until they were spent, and Alice lay in a puddle of her own blood, and their semen. Then, finished, they slowly shuffled off, looking for their next victim. Alice lay for many hours more, mind consumed with only pain. And then she twitched. Slowly, she stood up. As soon as she was vertical, there was a sloshing noise, as several quarts of semen emptied from her, puddling on her ground. Her clit grew, long and slender, slowly stiffening and widening. She stopped twitching, and slowly, she looked around. Sex...She needed sex...

Alice sniffed the air. After days of nothing, of a constant, unfulfilled Need, she finally caught wiff of what she hunted. A female, maybe a quarter of a mile a way. And even better, the smell told her. Virgin. She cleared the quarter mile in less than two minutes, a time her living body would have envied. And there was her prey, hiding behind a barricade in a small, one story house. Her fear tainted the air, and Alice felt her pussy soak. The barricade around the door was strong, with a steel desk that was impossible to knock over. The window, however... The girl inside screamed as the window exploded inward, as Alice threw herself in. She tried to run, but Alice grabbed her ankle and she fell flat on her face. Alice tore her skirt off, flipped her over, and held her down. The girl screamed in terror, and Alice started. She needed to silence the girl, or else she'd draw every monster in miles. And she wanted this one to herself. So she stuffed the shredded remains of her skirt into her mouth, and held herself at arms length. The girl was old enough to be her little sister, who would have been 12, maybe 13. Her face was warped in a mask of fear, which make Alice's clit swell massively. She slowly reared back, and slammed forward, driving her clit into the girl, ripping her open. Sickly fluid leaked out of her clit, paralizing the girl, and the rape began, an constant, wild, animal pounding. Unlike men, who needed to stop when their balls dried up, Alice could keep pounding and pounding until she wore out, and that could take days. Which she had. The girl was beginning to pass out, after eleven hours, and Alice slowed down a little. She had heard something, and slowly ground to a halt. A man, following the noise, leapt through the window, penis raging. He immediatly saw two women, and his dick took over. He jammed it into the easiest pussy to reach. Which was Alice's. Alice screeched, like a cat in pain, and spun around, biting the zombie's throat out. It fell to the ground, dick sliding out of her wetly. Then she turned back to the girl, who lay unconscious on the floor, spent. Maybe it was time to leave. Then her clit took over, and she resumed fucking the limp body of the girl. She had all the time in the world.

Alice woke up. She was aching. Her body reconciled these facts while what remained of Alice's mind trembled somewhere in the corner of her skull, probably whimpering in terror. As she stood up, something slid wetly out of her. She turned, and pushed over the empty husk of the man who had been her mattress over the night. Brown blood crusted around a chest wound, which Alice had dealt him for trying to fuck her. Unfortunatly, his penis had stuck fast, and hadn't loosened until just recently. Much to the disgust of her inner self, something oozed out. But the body of Alice didn't care, and was already sniffing the air. The last virgin she had raped had finally regained mobility and fled, stumbling as her torn muscles tried to move her legs. Alice let her go, because three men appeared and tried to rape Her. Her hands were begining to develop a crust of blood from things like that. Alice moved, slumping through the city streets. She gradually became aware that, while she'd fucked at least ten people in the last three days, she'd eaten nothing in that time. She started hunting, not for sex, but for food. A 7-11, mostly intact, was what she found. Packaging was strewn everywhere, and a refrigerator leaning against the door spoke of an attempt to barracade the convience store. The broken window next to it spoke of the failure of the barracade. She ate a package of Slim Jims, which sated her hunger. The plastic packaging had given her some trouble, until she realized it was fine to eat the whole damn thing. As she ate, urine slowly ran down her leg. Somewhere, in the back of her mind, what remained of logic reminded her that she hadn't done That in three days. As she snuffed around, she stumbled over the body of a riot cop. He was still decked out in a kevlar vest and helmet, but there was a hole in the seat of his pants, and a steady ooze of blood flowed to the floor. Old-Alice would have staggered backwards in terror, but now she simply viewed the man as another piece of scenery. Alice was enjoying her third coke and popcicle when she realized that she wasn't alone. The coke dropped out of her hand, and the popcicle, which she had noticed was Just the right shape to sate her other urges, slid out of her pussy. The riot police was standing, staring at her. She stared back. The remained motionless, for an eyeblink, before Alice tried to run. The riot cop, encumbered by his armor, was slow, but he still caught her as she was trying to crawl through the hole in the glass. He dragged her back inside, and threw her into a shelf of chips. Alice lashed out as the man fell onto her, but her hands bounced off his helmet, and she shrieked. The man jammed himself inside, and Alice began to struggle harder, blows bouncing off the armored man. The man fucked like any other, with violence and urgency, brusing Alice's insides as she struggled. He came, flooding her vagina with inhuman amounts of semen. Then she heard the gunshot. The man slumped onto her, and Alice slowly pushed the dead man off of her. "Oh my god, are you alright?" Alice turned. There was a woman, dressed in a tight sweater and cargo pants, holding a heavy revolver. She aimed it at the dead body of the officer, mouth agape in horror. "Are you ok? Talk to me!" Alice smiled, the broadest, most innocent smile the woman had seen in many days. The screams echoed out of the 7-11, and the revolver flew through the front window, as Alice threw the woman against the counter. It was good to be in control again.

Alice sat down, watching the square below her with interest. She was on the second story of an old store she had taken as a temporary home. Below she heard the struggling of the young woman she had caught earlier. In trapping her, Alice had accidentally broken the girls arms and legs, and after she had tried to bite her, Alice broke the girl's jaw too. She had been docile lately, which was just fine for Alice, who had no complaints with having a pussy she didn't have to chase. But down on the square, now that was interesting. There was a girl, whose ankle was chained to a stake driven into the ground. She struggled a little, but had mainly taken to curling in a ball and crying. She was the fourth girl Alice had seen this way. The last one was completely surrounded by zombies, and Alice had counted at least three dicks shoved into her bleeding pussy. Alice had tried to get in on the action, but she was already running from another zombie that had designs on her. But this one, despite being a virgin, was ignored. There was no one else around, and her domesticated cunt was getting...loose. Alice slid off of the building, falling through an awning and onto street level. The girl noticed her instantly, and began to clammer away. She grinned as she reached the girl, and grabbed her arm. She screamed, but it was too late. Bright spotlights washed the area in light, and Alice was vaugely aware of men running around her. But none of that mattered as much as the naked virgin right in front of her. "Holy Shit, get that one!" The girl screamed again, in pain, as Alice jammed her clit into her, tearing her apart. She felt the net fall over them and trap them both, but Alice was beyond caring. All that mattered was the struggling mass below her. "Caught a live one sir." "Good. Any way to get the girl away from it?" "No sir." "Oh well, we'll just have two subjects." They loaded her into the back of the truck, and when they shut the door, she was still fucking. Nothing else mattered

Alice slowly opened her eyes. Quickly she snapped them closed and hissed at the blinding white light above her. She tied to force her body up, but was held down by the leather straps on her arms and legs, she began to scream and thrash violently at her restraints. Alice continued to struggle against her restraints until she heard the sound of door opening. A blond woman in a lab coat waked into the room escorted by a man in a camouflage army uniform. The woman walked along the length of the bed, looking Alice over. “Poor girl,” she muttered as she sat down on a small stool and began dressing Alice’s arm to take a sample of blood. Alice looked up at the woman with lustful, raging eyes; her muscles tensed, her pussy dripping. At the moment the woman plunged the syringe into Alice’s arm, Alice when into a rage. With a single violent tug Alice ripped her arm, leather strap and all, free from the table and lunged at the woman, ripping open her shirt, exposing her large soft breasts. As the woman screamed and fell to the ground the solider rushed forward and grabbed Alice by the shoulders and tried to force her back down to the table. Alice twisted her head around and forced herself forward, sunk her teeth into the mans neck and with a violent twist of her head ripped out his jugular and part of his wind pipe. The soldier fell to the floor grabbed at his spurting neck, mouth locked open in silent, airless screams. Alice wrestled free of the remaining restraints and turned her attention to the woman in the lab coat. The woman had crawled into a corner of the room and had managed to pull a fire alarm alarm. Alice jumped from the hospital bed onto the woman, pinning her arms to the ground. Alice gagged the woman with the shredded remains of her own top then when to work on the rest of her, ripping open the woman’s dark pantyhose and pulling away her soaked panties. Alice thrust her clit down into the woman, grinding hard against the woman’s pussy. The woman struggled violently at first, but soon fell limp as Alice continued to thrust her swollen pussy against her victim Alice didn’t have long to enjoy her latest catch however, as two soldiers burst though the door into the room. Alice leapt off of the woman’s limp body and lunged at the two men. She grabbed the hypodermic needle still hanging from her arm, and gouged it into the first soldier’s eye. Then she jumped onto the second man, knocking him to the ground. She boar down on the man’s face until with a sickening crack his skull crushed under her hands. As Alice lifted herself off a turned towards the open door, something about the first solider caught her eye, the massive bulged between his legs. Alice climbed on top of the bleeding man and ripped open his pants, exposing his large erect penis. Alice slowly raised her hips up and forced mans cock deep into her vagina. She slid her self up and down the mans dick, slamming her pussy against his hips, faster and faster until with a moan of agony and ecstasy the man breathed his last breath and released his hot load of semen into Alice’s vagina. As the man fell limp, Alice dismounted him and headed for the door. She stepped out into the hall and sniffed the air, after a moment something caught her attention. She snapped her head to the left, ripped of the blood and cum soaked remains of the hospital gown she was wearing, and took off down the hall. She was still hungry, and she could smell her favorite pray.

She was obviously performing fellatio on the zombie in front of her. The other zombies stood around in a circle masturbating.Some of the zombies cocks had rotted off right into their hands.Still they shook it back and forth, kind of like mixing a babys bottle.The zombie she was giving head to arched his back. A rib poked out of his chest and black fluid began to spill out. At the same time he groaned. Foley could see the zombies dead cock begin to squirt. Arrghhhh, the zombie moaned as he began dousing her with semen. Thick jets of spooge bounced all over her. Some landed in her hair, some shot all the way over her head. The two zombies she was jerking off also began to ejaculate, as did a few of the ones that were pleasuring themselves. It was like a fire hydrant going off as the dead shot life all over her face and body. Foley noticed that some of the semen was moving, crawling. He was horrified as he realized that some of the more decomposed bodies weren't ejaculating semen. They were cumming maggots. The woman let go of the zombie cocks she had just drained and turned completely around facing Foley and smiled. Foleys lip began to quiver and he felt on the verge of passing out. She was a mess. Cum and maggots covered her from head to toe. Her left eye was completely spooged shut. She reached up with her left hand and wiped cum out of her eyes and down into her mouth. She greedily gobbled it up. Another zombie began to ejaculate and she turned to face them taking their entire load into her mouth. She flicked her tongue back and forth licking her lips. She reached out and grabbed a zombie dick in each hand and began to yank on them. The zombies moaned. The woman's eyes sparkled as she looked up at Foley. They were alive as can be. She was enjoying every minute of the zombie bukkake. Foley stood and looked at his cum covered wife and threw up.

The base smelled foreign. Hard metal and gunpowder, mixed with sweat and blood. Antiseptic mixed with medicine. There were virgins here, but none she was interested in. Men, by in large, didn't demand much interest in her mind, especially when a more... suitable prey was in sight. That smell. She needed it. The first guard wasn't a problem. He didn't even realize what was going on until Alice beamed him in the back of the head. He fell hard to the ground, and Alice stepped over him, sniffing the air. There it was, growing steadily stronger. The floor beneath her grew damp as fluid dripped out of her aroused pussy. There was a door, made of bars of steel. On the other side, sniffling in her cage, was a girl, much like the one they had baited her with. She was shackled to the floor, wearing only a sheet to protect against the cold concrete floor. Sacrifices for the greater good. The door, designed to keep the slight girl in was no match for Alice, and she tore it aside with hardly a thought. Slowly, she paced up to the girl, savoring her fear, which only made the coming rape all the sweeter. Then the dart hit her, right in the neck. Alice collapsed, imoble, right into the girl's lap. She was so close, she could Taste the girl's cherry. She struggled, but couldn't move. A man walked up behind her, and grabbed her ankle, dragging her out of the cage. "Command? I've secured the prisoner." "Confirmed. Bring her in for processing." Alice looked up at the man, who clicked his radio off and left her on the floor while he shut the door, locking it. Then he came back. There was a zip, and he let his dick fall out. "Oh yeah, I'm gonna enjoy this..." It wasn't a big cock, not compared to the Zombies', but it was there, and Alice almost writhed in pleasure as he penetrated her. It was almost normal, almost loving. Alice mewed as the man, almost out of habit, started playing with her engorged clit, bringing her to an almost instant orgasm. Her vagina clamped down on his cock, trapping him as he thrusted, cumming hard into her, filling her to the brim. The man, drifting down from his orgasm, hardly noticed Alice moving. He didn't even feel when Alice, moving languidly and sensually, leaned up and bit his throat out. She pushed the man out of her, and rolled out, turning slowly to face the girl. Her heart was beating so fast that even Alice could hear it, a low, hummingbird roar. Alice licked her lips, tasting red blood, as she padded forward, cat like. The girl screamed as Alice lept at her, and struggled. In her struggles, Alice thrust, and missed. The girl froze, and began to sob, interspersed with screeches, as Alice slowly tried to mount her, jamming her clit further and further into her ass. It didn't feel right, Alice thought, but shrugged. It would have to do. The girl let out one final scream as Alice buried herself to the hilt, and began to jam her fists into the girl's pussy. Indeed, nothing beat a virgin in the morning.

Alice staggered out of the base. From the outside, it was obvious it was only makeshift. The outside of a shopping mall (Because some conventions need to be honored) with a little fortification. After she'd dealt with the two in the room with her, the entire mall seemed less willing to fight her. In fact, most of them were busy running, although not from her. Just as well. As she stepped out into the nights air, she noticed she wasn't alone. A woman, a soldier, if her green fatigues and assault rifle were any indication, was running across the parking lot, feet pounding beneath her. She was sprinting towards a pickup truck, parked on the far side of the lot. Alice let her get there. She sat in the back as the engine roared to life, and slowly pulled away. The city, by now, was rife with zombies, and even Alice was getting tired of them. They were cutting into her supply. They drove for miles, letting Alice catch up on sleep. When she woke up again, they were on the outskirts of the city. The engine was off, and the sound of soft breathing filled the truck cabin in front of her. The woman screamed as the back window exploded and Alice dragged her into the bed of the truck. She tore the seat of her pants open, and started in. Eventually, the woman stopped struggling. She was moaning, happily, confusing Alice. She plunged on, until the woman's back arched in orgasm, then collapsed back into the truck bed, paralyzed. Alice sat back, and watched the woman. In her breast pocket, which heaved heavily, there was a piece of paper. Alice took it out, and unfolded the tiny map. The little mind that once was Alice quickly read off the map to her monstrous self. Unspoken, her old self fostered a tiny, ember of a hope. People, maybe, who could save her! Her monstrous self thought something else: There would be people. Untouched by other Zombies. And they would all be hers. She turned back to the woman, who turned languidly to face her. Slowly, the woman spoke. "Baby? ...Read-dy...Again?"

The men were growing nervous, anxious. Their outpost was predominantly male.. a precious percentage were female, and jealously guarded.

It wasn't enough that those.. those creatures.. were out there, raping all they could; even the men charged with the protection of the women began to cast lecherous gazes and lust-filled eyes upon them.

The roving patrols were, at the most, four men to each woman who dared to venture forth. Supplies were getting low, and some of the militia were forced to take up debris as weapons.. iron bars, twisted metal, planks with nails.. it wasn't truly a question of survival anymore. The leaders knew this. It was a question of when they would fall, and it was all they could do to keep the walls up for another day.

By rule of thumb, any of the grotesque monsters were shot down on sight; or rather, when within range. Casualties were heavy.. and a guard's lax vigil resulted in one of the most terrible losses of soldiers the city state had known.

Luckily, the zombies were much easier to shoot once they had taken begun.. once they had broken in, once they had begun to defile what splintering fragments of Humanity remained with their putrid scent and their vile fluids.

Disgusting, to most. A guilty, filthy pleasure to others.. and a certain one of those 'others' was now on her way home, with company, and a very familiar scent of sex around her.

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