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Enzyme deficiency

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Imagine a world where the relationship between men and women was not just sexual but parasitic; where an enzyme vital to our development in childhood and early adolescence could be found only in sperm. Imagine you live in such a world, and read on....

It was 12:45. The sky was a uniform grey and a frigid rain had completed the theme only minutes prior. I laughed at myself for dashing through the downpour to reach the bus shelter just as it subsided. I was in a sour mood, but it would not last. I gave the bus lot a quick glance. It serviced the commuter rail stop behind me, taking an unorthodox mixture of IT workers and immigrant factory laborers to their respective hells. I caught myself entertaining immature daydreams wherein the IT workers and factory laborers teamed up to send the flaming fist of the proletariat straight into the bloated face of the bourgoisie until I felt a little hand tugging at my coat.

"I'm hungry!" The girl couldn't have been more than ten. Her sister perhaps a bit older, but both of them curiously underdeveloped. You know how it is with beef horomones in milk these days, it's almost a shock to spot a teenager without double D's, but these girls resembled the old fashioned sort that you might expect to see in a Normal Rockwell painting. Both were rail thin and must've been two thirds legs; they were wearing yellow and pink raincoats, respectively, but they were opened enough to reveal two pairs of legs about the same length and average thickness as my arms. That's another thing you don't see much of lately, thin kids....but I digress. A woman in a full length brown overcoat darted under the blessed cover of the bus shelter and scolded the two for running ahead. She was in her thirties; dishevelled, but attractive in a very proper school marm sort of way. My father might've called her a "handsome woman", but that phrase (much like my father) belongs in the fifties.

"Mooom! I'm HUNGRY!" The two girls looked like they might've been twins. Brown curly hair framed pale, freckled faces punctuated with blue eyes that I swear were no smaller than grapefruits. Sickeningly adorable, and as I was soon to find out difficult to turn down. I had a seat on the bench as their mother began to look around. Casually at first, and then pensively and then after about ten minutes she began to panic. "Do you have a cell?" I pulled it out of my pocket and began to offer it to her. "Wait," I said, "it's out of juice." the woman smirked. "Well I hope you're not." I raised an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"

She sat down next to me, and looked expectant. It took me a moment to realize my gentlemanly duty. "Oh, would your daughters like to sit?" I got up and as soon as I was fully standing they were both wedged into the remaining seat. "Thank you. Listen, I need a favor-" she was interrupted by her younger daughter this time; "MOOOOM!" she laid a hand on her knee. "I know sweetie, I'm working on it". I'd seen it before. Enzyme deficiency. Nobody really liked to talk about it although it was a pretty accepted paternal responsibility; Throughout history men have had to "Feed" developing girls the mixture of proteins and enzymes that, by some freakish evolutionary coincidence, also passed our chromosomes into the womb during sex. The actual chemistry behind it was still not entirely understood, but a number of books had been published on the subject and I'd read at least half of the most popular one, 'Feeding: Not just fun, your responsibility as a father". I knew a few religious and hippie couples convinced that feeding one's daughter...*ahem*..."directly" rather than from preserved ejaculate was immoral, but the enzyme itself doesn't stay good that long. Besides most parents opt for convenience rather than going out of their way to avoid the inherent "weirdness" of letting your kid suck nutrients from your junk. Objectively it really is pretty bizarre, but so are alot of things in nature.

I could already see where things were going. "Listen, my daughters haven't fed since this morning. They're in a growth spurt, and it's really important for them to feed at least twice a day." I knew it was true. I'd watched the PSAs, using phallic puppets and colorful euphamisms to teach viewers how to perform effective fellatio. Even Sesame Street had included a new character, "slurpy", in response to pressure from parenting groups to increase feeding awareness and help people talk about it openly. Hell, the younger of the two girls was even wearing a Slurpy T-shirt! It was then that I noticed her kneeling in front of me, expectantly. What the hell. "I don't mean to impose, but I can't stand to see them like this and I don't know how soon I'll be able to get them home. Would you mind if they fed quickly?" Hah, as if she wasn't planning on imposing. The younger one was already in front of me with her mouth open. It was the sort of blatant, demanding begging you'd expect from a Vegas bellhop.

I sighed and began to unzip my pants. "Oh thank you, this means alot to me. I mean you don't have to or anything but it's for my daughters, you know how it is." Indeed I did. I had one of my own at home and I must admit I had grown to enjoy it a little. Oh nooo, you're not allowed to admit to that; there's responsibility, and then there's perversion. I couldn't count the number of child abusers who had used the "But I was just feeding her!" defense. Right dude, and it just happened to slip out of her mouth and into her asshole. It was pretty difficult to make distinctions when every man in the country was at least occasionally expected to feed whether he had kids or not. It was, after all, a stimulating act. That was the great taboo, though; we were expected to pretend as though we hated it. So much as a "Hey that feels sort of good", and you'd have neighbors gossipping about "That pedophile next door" within minutes. There had already been a "are dads overfeeding their daughters?" witchhunt in the news a month prior and none of us were terribly eager to end up in prison.

I was looking away when I felt the first wet tug on my penis. It was still flaccid and she'd taken it entirely into her mouth. Her sister had crowded in to watch and presumably to get her share of the 'meal', and I took a moment to privately enjoy the sight of two girls fighting over my junk. That hadn't happened in a sexual context since college! It took about a minute before I was fully hard, and the younger one was still at the helm. She was bobbing her head and applying suction expertly; she'd clearly had a fair bit of coaching, and not from Slurpy the Puppet either. I grinned as I figured her dad for the sort who was never late to feedings and certainly didn't argue when the time came to unzip. Perverted bastard, just like the rest of us. She paused to lick her lips as her sister ran her tongue up and down the shaft of my penis. I leaned back and started to get into it. The bus would be here shortly and I wanted to be home in time for the pre-game. Again, the nine year old sealed her lips around the hard shaft of my cock and gently sucked and tugged as she took it into her mouth again and again. I could feel hints of tiny teeth near the tip; I couldn't blame her technique, it was great. Her mouth was just a little too small for an adult penis. The part that finally did me in was her tongue. Small and energetic, it bathed my cock inside of her mouth from all angles; tickling my frenulum and wrapping itself up either side of my shaft in a sort of rhythmic, snakelike dance.

Finally I came. It shot out in three quick bursts followed by dribbling, and the girl who had moments prior been working on my dick like a pro was now licking any of it she hadn't already swallowed off the tip of my penis. Her sister roared. "You pig! I didn't get any! You said you were going to share and then you ate it all!" The younger of the two laughed maniacally, got up and ran laps around the shelter as her elder sister chased. Meanwhile their mother was trying to talk me into round two. "Come on, you look like a healthy guy. Allison didn't get any." Allison, eh? As if reading my mind, she answered "The other one's Becca. She gets so hard to manage when she's having enzyme withdrawl, which is why I let her go first." I shrugged. "I gotta tell you lady, I've been a pretty good samaritan so far. I don't exactly do this as a hobby, you know." She slumped a little. "You prefer women your own age, eh?" I nodded. She raised an eyebrow. "After that media storm last month I was beginning to think there weren't any left who weren't absolutely delighted to feed for all the wrong reasons." I began to zip up. "Well I don't know if I can get it up for another go, is all I'm saying."

She grabbed my arm and looked into my eyes. Glancing about and spotting her girls playing behind the bicycle racks, she deftly undid the middle three buttons on her blouse and slid my hand inside. "I know just what you need", she whispered. I balked. Well that's one way to get my juices flowing, granted. She even had a pair I'd have spent a fortune on booze to get at, too: The overcoat hid it well but her breasts were plump and shapely. I kept looking into her eyes, scanning for any sign that she wanted me to stop as I gingerly groped the soft, round contours of her breasts. She gasped when I pinched her nipple. "You devil!" she smiled. Suddenly she peered over my shoulder and pushed my hand from her blouse. Sure enough, her girls were headed back in our direction. Right in time, too; The unexpected bonus of getting my mitts on their mother's cans had sent me back into full rigidity. The eldest, Allison, kneeled carefully in front of me and waited for me to pull it out of my trousers.

She was noticeably less experienced than her sister. Her mother explained that they'd tried synthetic forumlas on her back before they'd discovered the potential side effects, and that she was learning a little later than most how to earn her meal. She gripped my shaft and closed her wet, soft little lips around the head of my penis. She began to suck rhythmically while jacking me off. It didn't so much for me and I brushed her hand away. She understood and began vigorously bobbing her head, sliding my hard cock into and out of her warm, moist mouth with each stoke. I craned my neck to see from the side. Her technique was a little sloppy, and her mother was taking notice as well. "No, no Allison let me show you." Well hey, this was an unexpected development!

Memories of her soft, supple bosom still fresh in my head, I watched with obvious anticipation as she knelt next to her daughter between my legs. "Watch how I do it." Nothing could've prepared me. The things she did with her tongue had nothing to do with feeding, they were simply obscene. She compressed my balls gently and began to fondle them as she slid her mouth up and down my shaft, leaving a faint trail of saliva behind which dried just in time for the next one. It took only a minute before I had to push her away to avoid cumming early. Her daughter took over immediately. She had no doubt learned how pausing for too long when a man is close will only set you back several minutes; she was already hard at work making up for lost time. She was now doing her best to mimmick her mother's expert cocksucking and I could feel and improvement right away. Her lips ran again and again over the ridge at the rear of the tip, sending a shiver down my spine.

Finally, with explosive pressure but much less ejaculate than the first time, I came. Her tongue curled a bit, cradling the shape of my cock as it rested in her mouth, pointing down the back of her throat. She didn't miss even a drop, and I could see the satisfaction in her eyes as the hunger began to fade. She smacked her lips. "Thanks mister!" She laughed and ran off to join her sister back at the bike racks. I sighed with exhaust. As though right on cue my bus pulled into the station, and I began to zip up and make myself presentable as I rose from the bench. As I motioned to say goodbye, the girls' mother put her hands on my shoulders and kissed me. "You're a good man, you know. Thank you for what you did." I smiled, and said "Just doing my bit."

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