Destiny's Child
“Lose My Breath”

The drum programming on "Lose My Breath" is fucking incredible. Producer Rodney Jerkins runs a Southern college marching band through a dancehall blender and comes up with a dazzling ripple of claps, stomps, thumps, cymbal crashes, itchy hi-hats, snare rolls, gasps, and ridiculous stop/start timing. The complexity of the backing track is pretty much mind-boggling: This beat is a fantastic machine, unhindered by unexpected hiccups and jump-offs. But when the greatest pop group of the past decade makes its long-awaited comeback single, it needs more than great drum programming. It needs a tune. "Lose My Breath" doesn't have one of those. In fact, beyond that drumline, it hasn't got much at all. The vocals are too breathy, too whiny, and too processed, and the song's one thrilling moment-- near the end, where the harmonies get a bit of room to play off each other with Abba-esque rococo aplomb-- lasts only for a second. Which leaves... right. That beat. I wonder if there's an instrumental version out yet.
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