University Avenue at Snelling Avenue, 1922. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society
Ayd Mill EIS Executive Summary
Download your copy of the Ayd Mill Road EIS Executive Summary in PDF form here.

PiPress 02/21/07: Coleman renews Ayd Mill fight with call for I-94 link
PiPress 03/04/05: Ayd Mill Road plans detailed
PiPress 02/11/05: Editorial: Rebuilt, connected Ayd Mill would be regional asset
Strib 02/11/05: Plan sees Ayd Mill Road as greenway to freeways

City of St. Paul's Ayd Mill Road web site
St. Paul Issues Forum on Yahoo!

PiPress 06/07/03: Ayd Mill connection to stay open
Strib 06/06/03: Editorial: Keep it open (log-in req.)
Strib 06/07/03: Mayor decides (log-in req.)
PiPress 06/01/03: Editorial: Keep it open
Strib 05/30/03: Meeting sparks emotion in St. Paul
PiPress 05/30/03: Ayd Mill Road faulted and praised
Strib 05/27/03: Ayd Mill Road Test Ends
N'hoods First 02/04/03: Traffic Analysis Of Ayd Mill Road
PiPress 09/05/02: Kelly announces Ayd Mill bike path
Strib 08/22/02: City says test is working
N'hoods First 08/01/02: Rep. Entenza's letter to EQB
PiPress 07/21/02: City gives road opening high marks

PiPress' Nick Coleman: Kelly could be roadkill on AMR

The quest for a linear park

Information from Neighborhoods First!
Ayd Mill Road Environment Impact Statement
MP Post Advisory Ballot on Ayd Mill Road
Mac-Groveland's stand on Ayd Mill Road
The Friends of the Parks and Trails of St. Paul
Speech by Mayor Kelly (PDF)
St. Paul Chamber of Commerce pro-connection declaration
Sierra Club's statement on Ayd Mill Road and sprawl

Lease Granted to Garden in Path of Ayd Mill Road
September 12, 2001

No Connect Coalition Update
June 6, 2000

City Council's Ayd Mill Road Resolution
April 12, 2000

Open Letter to Mayor Coleman and City Council
December 23, 1999

MPR News 11/04/99: The Road Too Travelled?

City Pages 03/24/99: Road to Nowhere

Top Ten Reasons Not to Connect Ayd Mill Road

Ayd Mill Road Proposals

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