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2. The Heartbreak Kano

The first Mortal Kombat heralded the birth of anti-video game violence advocates with a single fatality leading the charge. All parents needed to see was 10 seconds of Kano ripping the still-beating heart out of another human being (even if that human was sorta a demon) and they pretty much went wild. The backlash caused Nintendo to release their MK game with green "sweat" instead of blood and things have pretty much gone downhill from there.

Thank god Kano didn't have consensual, fully clothed sex with the other fighter, though, cause Midway might've had to recall the whole thing.

1. The End of the World as Smoke Knows It

The vast majority of the fatalities in Mortal Kombat kill the other fighter and that's it. You call that a body count? Smoke, one of the series' many hidden characters, decided to one-up the rest of the MK crowd by not only killing the other player, but taking the entire world along with him. Seriously, he blows up Earth. And if you're in Outworld? He blows that up too! We're talking billions of fatalities with just a few button combos! Doesn't get much better than that.

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