Gaumont-British Picture Corporation

List of alternative names

  • Gaumont-British
  • Gaumont Company Ltd
Started trading
24/03/1927 (Great Britain)


  • Production (207)

Notes Incorporated 24/3/1927. The company was registered in 1926 by the amalgamation of the Bromhead brothers of Gaumont Company, the Ostrer brothers and C.M. Woolf who brought in the distribution firms W. & F. and Ideal. The Bromheads resigned from the board in August 1929 over a possible sell-out to the Fox Film Corporation of America. With Maurice Elvey and Victor Saville the firm quickly moved into the production of sound films. By 1934 the firm had acquired all the business operations of the old Gaumont Company which effectivley ceased to exist. The company had a controlling interest in Gainsborough Pictures operated by Michael Balcon and in 1932 embarked on a production deal with UFA the German company. Taken over by The Rank Organisation in 1961.

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