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CSR 2007

2nd International Computer Science Symposium in Russia

Ekaterinburg, Russia, September 3-7, 2007

Download the final program.

Russian   Russian version

The Symposium is organized under the auspices of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science



  • CSR 2007 is over. We thank all participants for coming and making the symposium such a successful event. CSR 2008 will be held in Moscow, see
  • Some photos from CSR 2007 can be found here (by courtesy of Maria Fominykh), here (by courtesy of Edward Hirsch), and here (by courtesy of Nikolay Vereshchagin).
  • The proceedings of CSR 2007 have appeared as Volume 4649 in Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. We are grateful to Springer-Verlag and personally to Ingrid Beyer, Alfred Hofmann and Anna Kramer for their extremely efficient co-operation!
  • The program of the conference has been updated. It includes now complete schedules for the satellite workshops WCCDA'07 and WIWAD'07.
  • Yandex, the largest resource in Russian Internet, has established Yandex Best Paper Awards and Yandex Best Student Paper Awards for the CSR series. The Program Committee has selected the following three papers:
    • Conjunctive grammars over a unary alphabet: undecidability and unbounded growth by Artur Jez and Alexander Okhotin - Best Paper in Theory Track;
    • Estimation of the click volume by large scale regression analysis by Yury Lifshits and Dirk Nowotka - Best Paper in Applications/Technology Track;
    • A fast algorithm for path 2-packing problem by Maxim Babenko - Best Student Paper.

The inauguration of Yandex Awards formed a part of the Business Meeting of CSR 2007 along with the presentations of the awarded papers. Ilya Segalovich, the company's co-founder and chief technology officer, came in person to the Business Meeting to introduce Yandex Awards.

  • The list of accepted papers is here.

Aims and scope

CSR 2007 is the second conference in a series of regular events started with CSR 2006 in St Petersburg (see LNCS 3967). It intends to reflect the broad scope of international cooperation in computer science. CSR 2007 consists of two tracks: Theory Track and Applications and Technology Track. Typical areas of these tracks include:

Theory Track:

  • algorithms, protocols, and data structures;
  • complexity and cryptography;
  • formal languages, automata and their applications to computer science;
  • computational models and concepts;
  • proof theory and applications of logic to computer science.

Applications and Technology Track:

  • programming and languages;
  • computer architecture and hardware design;
  • symbolic computing and numerical applications;
  • application software;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • databases and knowledge bases;
  • information retrieval and search;
  • formal methods and verification;
  • constraint programming;
  • software development and testing;
  • Web services.

Invited speakers and the opening lecture

Invited speakers:

The opening lecture "Proving Church’s Thesis" will be given by Yuri Gurevich (Redmond, Microsoft Research)


Submission is closed. We thank all authors who have submitted their papers to CSR 2007. Look here for the list of accepted papers.

The proceedings of the symposium have appeared in Springer's LNCS series, Volume 4649. Authors of selected papers from Theory Track will be invited to submit a journal version to a special issue of "Theory of Computing Systems".

Important Dates

  • Symposium: September 3rd, 2007 (Monday) - September 7th, 2007 (Friday)

Program Committee

PC Co-Chairs are:

PC members, Theory Track:

PC members, Applications and Technology Track:

Local Organizers

The symposium is being organized by Ural State University (USU) and Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (IMM UB RAS). The co-chairs of the local organizing committee of the symposium are corresponding members of RAS Vladimir Tretjakov, President of USU, and Vitaly Berdyshev, Director of IMM UB RAS.

The conference chair is Mikhail Volkov (USU).


Microsoft Research


SKB Kontur (Ekaterinburg)




Ural State University    Ural State University



City Hall of Ekaterinburg   City Hall of Ekaterinburg

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