Neil Mandt began his professional television career in Detroit where he got his first job as the entertainment reporter for the NBC affiliate WDIV TV-4 at the age of 20.

From Detroit Neil moved out to Los Angeles where he continued working as a freelance producer/reporter.  Some of the projects included ABC News’ coverage of the OJ Simpson Criminal Trial, CBS News Investigative Reports, and British television’s hit show “The Big Breakfast”.  In 1995, Neil left television in pursuit of his film directing career.  That same year he wrote, produced, and directed the critically acclaimed feature film “Hijacking Hollywood”.  In 1998 and 1999, Neil directed the feature films “Arthur’s Quest” and “The Million Dollar Kid”, respectively.

In 2000 Neil was contracted by NBC to work as Producer at the Olympics in Sydney where he won an Emmy Award for his efforts.  In 2001 Neil created and sold a series of documentary specials to ESPN entitled “Reel Classics Uncut”, which highlighted the making of sports movies like “Ali”.  Neil has also been a contributing Producer to five ESPY awards and two X-Games.  Neil has continued to direct film and work with stars, the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Aerosmith, an d Will Ferrell just to name a few.

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