Stallone has Issues with Roy Jones Jr
By DHB (Dec 16, 2006)
In a recent interview conducted by Rush Limbaugh, the Radio personality sat down and interviewed Sylvester Stallone on his latest movie, Rocky 6. Rush asked some good questions regarding the film that is set to open on the 20th of this month. Some of the questions asked revolved around Roy Jones Jr. Turns out Stallone wanted Jones Jr for his movie, but what seems to be a phobia of the phone kept Stallone from reaching Jones Jr. Stallone tried over 30 phone calls to Jones Jr.... not one phone call was returned.

Here is a quick excerpt of Rush Limbaugh's interview with Stallone.  Stallone discusses Jones Jr and even admits he has issues with Jones Jr. Stallone also admits HBO told him not to feel so bad, as HBO pays Jones Jr and he doesn't pick up the phone for them either.

RUSH asks: He plays Mason "The Line" Dixon, right? Love the name. But did you ask Roy Jones, Jr., first?

STALLONE's answer: Uh-oh, you heard that. Believe it or not, I called Roy Jones, Jr. I wasn't sure. I always loved Tarver because he was verbal and he had a certain kind of charisma, there's something about his face I like. Roy Jones is a little more sinister looking, but I said I have to approach both of them in case one of them falls out; one breaks a hand, who knows. I called Roy Jones 31 times. Not one phone call was returned. On the 32nd time I said, "I gotta move on, thanks anyway." I called HBO, who Roy Jones worked for at that time, they said, "Sly, don't feel so bad, we pay him; he still doesn't pick up our phone calls."

RUSH asks: Do you have issues with this guy? Do you know him?

STALLONE's answer: Roy Jones? Yeah, I do. It's so odd. He's just one of those kinds of guys. I guess he has a phone phobia.

RUSH: Well, maybe.

STALLONE's response: But it turned it out great. I'm so glad. I think Tarver, because of his fighting ability and his superior height gives a better visual than Roy would.

RUSH: He looks plenty sinister, too.

STALLONE response: He does, he does, but he's not so monstrous like some of the guys today, Rush, are literally behemoth. He's more like old school fighters, and he's not playing a villain. This is about the battle that people have within themselves.

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