Interview With A Cutie

Amy Weber
Age: 36
5'7 Los Angeles Model, Actress, Producer

Amy: Jack of all trades (and a master of many of them!)

CosmicTribune: Hi Amy. I was just looking at your pics. You're not a bad looking woman! Ever considered a career as a model or actress?

Amy: No, I hadn't thought about it.. think I should give it a try.. lol

CosmicTribune: I've interviewed many truly beautiful models who would love to have 1/100th the success you've had. What do you think it is that sets you apart from other beauties who don't quite make it?

Amy: I just think I have always had a good attitude about everything and never got ahead of myself. No one wants to work with a jerk.

CosmicTribune: Which modeling or acting accomplishment are you most proud of so far?

Amy: I was pretty proud of the Shiseido cosmetic campaign that I did and Son of the Beach.. Those were jobs I really wanted.

CosmicTribune: Ever have an embarrassing moment/blooper?

Amy: Sometimes you forget that you are miked (have a microphone attached to you) and you will go to the bathroom or say things you shouldn't say forgetting that someone (the sound guy) is listening to it all.

CosmicTribune: You have the lead role in the movie Diablita. When is that going to be released?

Amy: The movie is on hold right now.. I play the lead character "Diablita." It is really a funny movie about this screenwriter who has his romantic comedy turned into a Michael Bay action movie... I start out as a housewife and end up touting a shotgun and chaps.. a bit of road rage ensues.. crazy movie..

CosmicTribune: What part of you do you get the most compliments on, and what part of you never looks quite as nice as you'd wish?

Amy: I get complimented on my eyes most.. Nothing ever looks as nice as I wished.. I am a perfectionist..

CosmicTribune: I read that you plan to cut an album sometime -- what genre of music would that be? Which singers/bands do you like?

Amy: I love music.. everything from R&B to Rap to Modern Country.. I still haven't figured out my own personal vibe.. it was sort of Nora Jones then sort of electronic.. then country.. it is very hard to make it in the music industry so we shall see if I ever find the time to finish it!

CosmicTribune: What's Vince McMahon like to work for? Did you get in the ring and wrestle?

Amy: Vince is great.. A true pioneer.. I did start to wrestle and had a pay per view match scheduled right before I quit.

CosmicTribune: Vince has put on some shows for soldiers stationed overseas. Were you able to take part in anything like that?

Amy: I was there when they did one tour but was pretty new so it wasn't really encouraged for me to go.

CosmicTribune: Why did you leave WWE?

Amy: It is too detailed to get into.. I wasn't happy with the pay and I wasn't happy with the "frat house" like environment...

CosmicTribune: Which projects would you like to tackle in the future?

Amy: I want to continue to produce movies.. My first feature that I helped produce is in Blockbuster and Netflix and Hollywood Video called "The Pumpkin Karver." I want to get more involved in my website as well.

CosmicTribune: What are you wearing right this moment?

Amy: Jeans and a t-shirt

CosmicTribune: Have any nicnames?

Amy: Ames

CosmicTribune: Are you very political?

Amy: It frustrates me

CosmicTribune: In what way?

Amy: It just seems like the US Govt. isn't very forthcoming with its citizens. The whole war, Gas prices, so many things..

CosmicTribune: Biggest misconception people have about you?

Amy: That I am too serious.. I am actually a huge dork

CosmicTribune: Most unusual place you've had sex?

Amy: I will skip this one.. lol

CosmicTribune: If you could go on a dinner date with anyone in the world, who would it be with? And what would you order for dinner and dessert?

Amy: Oprah.. I envy her.. I have so many questions for her.. Depends on the restaurant.. Sushi if it was on the menu!

CosmicTribune: Last question - tell me something I don't know

Amy: Hmm.. I am really a quirky person once you get to know me, but most people don't know that I am a gourmet cook.. not that it is even remotely quirky..

CosmicTribune: Well I didn't ask you about your calendar. We should give that a plug!

Amy: I am really proud of the calendar.. You can buy it off of my website in my store... then click onto the store.. I produced it myself and am really happy with the outcome.. I hope everyone gets a chance to get one!

Interview by Jim December 12, 2006. Posted December 31

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