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Iced Earth is an American heavy metal band that combines influences from thrash metal, power metal, NWOBHM with gothic touches, and claims to be one of the few modern bands still producing 'true heavy metal' and refusing to accede to trends.right History The central figure of Iced Earth is rhythm guitarist and songwriter Jon Schaffer, who formed Purgatory in Indiana in 1984.
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·Burnt Offerings19954
·Days Of Purgatory19976
·Horror Show200110
·Iced Earth19905
·Night Of The Stormrider19929
·The Dark Saga19969
·The Glorious Burden200412
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·A Question Of Heaven8:190n/a
·Before The Vision1:230n/a
·Birth Of The Wicked4:180n/a
·Black Sabbath5:300n/a
·Burnin' For You4:270n/a
·Burning Oasis5:590n/a
·Burnt Offerings7:210n/a
·Cities On Flame3:590n/a
·Creatures Of The Night4:010n/a
·Dark Saga3:420n/a
·Depths Of Hell3:000n/a
·Desert Rain6:380n/a
·Disciples Of The Lie4:040n/a
·Dragon's Child4:190n/a
·God Of Thunder3:560n/a
·High Water Markn/a0n/a
·I Died For You3:470n/a
·Jekyll & Hyde4:390n/a
·Last Laugh (live)4:380n/a
·Life And Death6:080n/a
·Long Way To The Topn/a0n/a
·My Own Saviorn/a0n/a
·Stand Alonen/a0n/a
·The Coming Curse8:560n/a
·The Dark Sagan/a0n/a
·The Devil To Payn/a0n/a
·The Devil To Pay (July 1st, 1863)12:130n/a
·The Path I Choosen/a0n/a
·The Phantom Opera Ghost8:410n/a
·The Pierced Spirit1:540n/a
·To Curse The Skyn/a0n/a
·Valley Forge4:460n/a
·Vengeance Is Minen/a0n/a
·Watching Over Men/a0n/a
·When The Eagle Cries4:060n/a
·Winter Nights3:550n/a
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