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Since Rufus Wainwright has small interest in contemporary pop music as it is usually defined, it's a relief to hear him essay the show tunes and Tin Pan Alley chestnuts of this tribute album, which reproduces the entirety of a beloved 1961 concert by the ultimate gay icon, Judy Garland. They expand his melodic compass, plus the lyrics are good — even the more obscure numbers are of Ira Gershwin and Noel Coward caliber. Wainwright brings something new to them too — namely, sexuality in the sensuality as opposed to gender-preference sense. Where Judy's greatest charm was the innocence she continued to project in the wake of a lifetime of well-documented booze, pills and romantic travail, Rufus always sounds ready to fall into bed with the objects of his musical affection. That said, Garland trained for a lifetime to sing this material — her pitch and articulation are uniformly superb. The way opera lover Wainwright slides past notes and draws out the final syllables of lines are signatures indistinguishable from tics, and this varied music makes that all too clear.


(Posted: Dec 13, 2007)


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ujtm15 writes:

Not Rated

never got to hear it, all i get is a message that rhapsody needs to be installed, i did it but just keep getting that same message, the music never did play

Jan 13, 2008 02:55:48

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MicheleinNewYork writes:

4of 5 Stars

I really wanted to love this and be blown away by it, because I'm a big Rufus fan, but I think some of the songs weren't suited to his voice. I love Rufus singing Rufus, and I wish he would have the commercial success in the US that he deserves. When I listen to April Fool's, California, This Love Affair or Memphis Skyline, I hear hits, but dressing up as Judy at the end of his live concerts, etc., keeps Rufus pigeon-holed as a gay artist and as someone that the heavy hitters in the music industry don't have to take seriously. I hope 2008 finds Rufus doing what Rufus does best - writing and performing his own material. And as an avid Rufus fan, I'll keep waiting for the day when I hear a top 10 hit on the radio and realize that Rufus finally broke through. I keep waiting for the mainstream U.S. music culture to "discover" a great talent who has been around for a long time.

Dec 29, 2007 17:59:03

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