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Formed in 1946, the ASGCA was the first professional organization of golf course designers in America and, for over 50 years, its members have designed some of the world's greatest courses. Our member designers are among the best in the world and are actively involved in the design of new courses and the renovation of existing courses in the United States and Canada.

Talent, Vision and Experience

Members of the ASGCA are, by virtue of their knowledge of the game, training, experience, vision and inherent ability, able to design and prepare specifications for a course of functional and aesthetic excellence. Qualifications for membership in the ASGCA include experience (eight years on the job) and accomplishment, which is defined by the responsibility for five completed designs.

Preserving the Game & the Environment

ASGCA is actively involved in several issues related to the game of golf, including environmentally responsible designs. ASGCA members design courses in concert with Mother Nature. In addition, many courses are certified by the Audubon International as wildlife sanctuaries.

We invite you to explore the links below to learn more about our organization and how our members can transform your dreams into lush fairways, brackish bogs into bunkers and green space into the world's most memorable holes.

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