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When Jody Watley contributed a traditional, jazzy version of Cole Porter's "After You, Who?" to Red Hot + Blue last year, it was only the first sign of maturation in a disco diva with a sexy fashion sense. Her third solo album since leaving Shalamar, Affairs of the Heart finds Ms. Hotly taking full artistic control – writing, arranging, executive producing and even art directing her own album. Of its eleven songs – which deal with relationships from the first inklings of sexual attraction to long-term commitment to infidelity to breaking up – nearly half are midtempo or slow ballads. And though they give the record a more sophisticated feel, five is roughly three too many. Watley's vocals are not strong enough to compensate for lyrics that range from pedestrian to downright cheesy.

But Affairs does deliver the funky, hook-laden dance grooves Watley is famous for, opening with the solid one-two punch of "I Want You" and "Call on Me," followed by the more house-oriented "I'm the One You Need." The most exciting thing on the album, though, is the last – a Motown-influenced pop song, "Stolen Moments," on which Watley sounds exquisitely sweet and soulful. If she's looking for a new style, this is it. (RS 622)



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sstarobe writes:

4of 5 Stars

Had I rated this cd when it came out in the first 2 weeks of its release I may have given it 3 stars. Why? Because after having hot dance tracks from the first 2 cd's, you just expect & want more. At the time I heard it, after loving the last 2 cd's, I felt disappointed that there was less dance tracks & the whole concept of the cd was a new direction for her that many fans & listeners just wasn't ready for "at the time". It would like C&C Music Factory deciding the slow things down musically. But I found myself playing the cd over & over during its release despite how I felt & it was then I discovered she has matured as an artist & really had something to say lyrically. Yes the cd is good without question, it was just about embracing a more mature r&b Jody Watley. "I Want You" I feel shouldn't been the first single. Naturally, "Dance to the Music" you think would've been the best choice, but that may have been misleading at the same. The 2nd single, "I'm the One You Need" revealed on the Billboard Charts that this was what people wanted to hear by Jody...."dance" not midtempo. But the 3rd single surprizingly "It All Begins With You" I have to say was IMPRESSIVE! A slow song by Jody so good, that I felt it deserved a grammy plus gospel/contemporary christian radio could've even embraced this track. Another noteworthy track is "Until the Last Goodbye"---you can hear, sense, feel the frustrated Jody trying to save her relationship. If your into relationships & the ups & downs that goes with it, you can really relate to the cd more.

Jan 4, 2007 08:42:20

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