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The Norton Online Living Report gives a snapshot of how different cultures and different countries approach the Internet and provides insight into how their daily lives are affected by the online world. All the data is constantly changing and will be updated in further iterations of this first bi-annual report.
Country Profiles
Country Profile
United States, United Kingdom and Australia
Moderate Activity/Moderate Security
Across the board, Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. follow the global standard for Internet behavior, with relatively few exceptions. In a few unusual, discrete cases such as the U.K. spending less time following news online and the U.S. expressing greater comfort with sharing credit card information, these three countries are the norm and have a very similar pattern of behavior and attitudes. View findings.
France, Germany
Low Activity/Moderate Security
French and German online users lag slightly behind the other countries in how quickly they have adapted the Internet to meet their social and interpersonal needs. On key measures of communicating, socializing and in some cases, accessing the Internet for entertainment and sports, the French and Germans are less likely to use the Internet as a resource than their peers around the world. View findings.
Low Activity/Low Security
Japan is less likely than other countries to use the Internet as a resource for socializing and entertainment. It is also less likely than other countries to take steps to protect their privacy and to ensure the security of their personal information (and the safety of their kids). They are simultaneously more cautious about using the Internet, but less careful when they do. View findings.
High Activity/High Security
Online users in Brazil – both adults and kids alike – are more likely to see the Internet as a place to have fun and develop friendships. They are much more likely to be socially active online (compared to all other countries except China). But with their increased activity, Brazilian online users also justifiably express a higher degree of concern about the safety of kids online. View findings.
High Activity/Moderate Activity
Chinese online users have embraced the Web as a source of entertainment and enjoyment. A high level of activity has resulted in a higher level of concern about the impact the Internet may be having on kids and rightly so – Chinese children who are online are more likely to experience many minor and major online threats. View findings.

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