Alex Jones: Another Paranoid, Uneducated, Unemployeed White Male with an Inferiority Complex. Oh Joy !



  Alex Jones is the name of a guy who for lack of a better description, is a personality at ACTV (now known as ACAC). He spends each and every possible moment on TV going on about this New World Order, about his super-patriotism and about how everyone except the most devoutly hyper paranoid right wing lemmings is trying to persecute him. he generally does this by equivocating anyone not conforming to HIS views as goosestepping nazis.




  The first part of this page is devoted to revealing some things about Mr. Jones that he will vehimently attempt to deny. In the civilized world, we call these things, "facts".

The second part of my comments will be wholly and totally biased. Jones is a bully. Part of being a bully is being a coward at heart. I will spend my time proving that not so deep down that Alex Jones is an attention craving,delusional, disgruntled uneducated white male who ultimately believes in nothing.


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My introduction to Alex Jones came from surfing through channels 10, 11 and 16. For those of you who are not subscribers to Austin Cablevision, these are the Austin Community Access Centers channels. Anyone who cares to take the time to become a producer of a live or dead (eg: recorded), show can do so by taking the classes and reserving a series time. I did such a thing many years ago and encourage as many people as i can to do the same.

Or you can be like Alex Jones. He simply asks various producers if he can show some tapes and/ or be a talking head for their shows. This is good for the producers because many producers have an idea of what their show should be like, but aren't really cut out for being on television. It is possible that Jones is now a producer; i do not know.

So there he was one night, flipping through the channels and there's this guy on TV who is taking calls (this was a live show). I honestly thought the guy was funny, not because of his sense of humor, but because a caller might say, "Hey Alex, there are too many damned Asians at UT". (sadly enough, there are enough lazy white boys at the University of Texas who are too chickenshit to compete against Asians in the race for a good grade in the academic arena. They would much rather piss and bitch and moan about it instead of studying). So this guy, Alex, would then start up with something like, "You are so right. These Communists are trying to subvert this country by coming here, squeezing students out of universities and distributing their propaganda."

Note that this is not an actual quote, but rather is indicative of the type of rhetoric that Alex Jones gives.

But later, he became much more incoherent. He started putting organizations and names to the forces that were persecuting him, though he never had any proof. One such story came from an event that he fabricated that will be explained in a bit.

So as far as i was concerned, this guy went the wayside of all other crackpot conspiracy theory nuts and religious zealots. And he faded into the background noise until he became a mere buzz of incoherentness.

Then... then he had to introduce himself to me.

Next part...