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Robots (2005)

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Ewan McGregor Voice of Rodney Copperbottom
Robin Williams Voice of Fender
Halle Berry Voice of Cappy
Greg Kinnear Voice of Ratchet
Mel Brooks Voice of Big Weld
Drew Carey Voice of Crank
Amanda Bynes Voice of Piper
Jim Broadbent Voice of Madame Gasket
Jennifer Coolidge Voice of Aunt Fanny
Paul Giamatti Voice of Tim the Gate Guard
Dan Hedaya Voice of Mr. Gunk
James Earl Jones Voice of Voice Box at Hardware Store
Jay Leno Voice of Fire Hydrant
Natasha Lyonne Voice of Loretta Geargrinder
Al Roker Voice of Mailbox
Stanley Tucci Voice of Herb Copperbottom
Dianne Wiest Voice of Mrs. Copperbottom
Harland Williams Voice of Lug
Lucille Bliss (II) Voice of Pigeon Lady
Terry Bradshaw Voice of Broken Arm Bot
Dylan Denton Voice of Youngest Rodney
Will Denton Voice of Young Rodney
Marshall Efron (II) Voice of Lamppost/Toilet Bot/Bass Drum/Microphone
Damien Fahey Voice of Stage Announcer
Lowell Ganz Voice of Mr. Gasket
Jackie Hoffman Voice of Water Cooler
Brian McFadden Voice of Trashcan Bot
Tim Nordquist Voice of Tin Man
Jansen Panettiere Voice of Younger Rodney
Alan Rosenberg Voice of Jack Hammer
Stephen Tobolowsky Voice of Bigmouth Executive/Forge
Chris Wedge Voice of Wonderbot/Phone Booth
Crawford Wilson Voice of Young Rodney
Lara Cody (II)
Cooper Cowgill
David Crommett
Darin DePaul
Dann Fink
Timothy Gulan
Alexander Haney
Angela Haney
Ray Iannicelli
Sondra James
Vanessa Lemonides
Anthony J. Lewis Jr
Marcus Maurice
Jennifer Perito
Kristin Reeves
David Rossmer
Lyla Stone
Bruce Winant (II)
Christopher Lee
D.L. Hughley
Jamie Kennedy
Sofia Vergara
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Chris Wedge Director
Carlos Saldanha Co-Director
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Lowell Ganz Screenplay
Babaloo Mandel Screenplay
David Lindsay-Abaire Screenplay
Michael Berg Screenplay (uncredited)
Peter Ackerman Screenplay (uncredited)
Chris Wedge Writer (uncredited original idea)
William Joyce Writer (uncredited original idea)
Ron Mita Story
Jim McClain Story
David Lindsay-Abaire Story
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Christopher Meledandri Executive Producer
Jerry Davis Producer
William Joyce Producer
John Donkin Producer
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Camera, Film & Tape
Natasha Leonnet Digital Color Timer
Jack Lewars Digital Colorist Assistant
Jim Passon Color Timer
Lee Tucker Preview Engineer
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Tim Nordquist Associate Editor
James Palumbo (II) First Assistant Editor
Randy Trager Assistant Editor
Brian Morgan Assistant Editor
Harry J. Hitner Additional Story Reel Editing
Jeff Jones (VII) Additional Story Reel Editing
Gary Burritt Negative Cutting
John L. Carnochan Editor
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Bruce Winant (II) Group ADR Casting (Loopers Unlimited)
Christian Kaplan Casting Director
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Production Management
Maria Criscuolo Production Manager
Samantha Berg Associate Production Manager (Story Department)
Brett Hoffman Story/Script Coordinator
Deanna Pizzuti Associate Production Manager (Editorial Department)
Irka B. Seng-Bloom Associate Production Manager (Art Department)
Chris Kuwata Associate Production Manager (Modeling and Scene Assembly)
Lauren Prince Associate Production Manager (Layout)
Leslie Schor-Bresnahan Production Supervisor (Animation Department)
Patrick Worlock Associate Production Manager (Animation Department)
Billy Foster (II) Associate Production Manager (Rigging Department)
Anthony Nisi Production Supervisor (Technical Director)
Sheri Patterson Associate Production Manager (Technical Director)
Jeannine Berger Post-Production Supervisor
Hugh Hitchens Associate Production Manager/Production Scheduling
Tom Steel Stage Manager
Jason Lloyd Stage Manager
Jennifer L. Kagel Production Coordinator (Technical Director)
Cresta Chamberlain Production Coordinator (Technical Director)
Germaine Franco Score Production Coordinator
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Art Department
Bob Camp Storyboard Artist
Karen Disher (II) Storyboard Artist
William H. Frake III Storyboard Artist
Christopher Gilligan Storyboard Artist
Steve Moore (III) Storyboard Artist
Moroni Taylor Storyboard Artist
Dan Shefelman Storyboard Artist
James Bresnahan Additional Storyboard Artist
Richard Codor Additional Storyboard Artist
Nash Dunnigan Additional Storyboard Artist
Everett Downing Jr Additional Storyboard Artist
Xeth Feinberg Additional Storyboard Artist
Doug Lefler Additional Storyboard Artist
Tony Maki Additional Storyboard Artist
Chris Renaud Additional Storyboard Artist
David Silverman Additional Storyboard Artist
Ryan Sias Additional Storyboard Artist
Michael Thurmeier Additional Storyboard Artist
Adam Van Wyk Additional Storyboard Artist
Rafael Zentil Additional Storyboard Artist
Stephen Warbrick Story Previsualization
Steve Martino Art Director
William Joyce Production Designer
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Nicholas Renbeck Supervising Dialogue/ADR Editor
Steven Visscher Supervising Foley Editor
Marko Costanzo Foley Artist
Jay Peck Foley Artist
George A. Lara Foley Recordist
Frank Kern Foley Editor
Wyatt Sprague Sound Effects Editor
Marissa Littlefield Dialogue Editor
Bill Orrico First Assistant Sound Editor
Dave Warzynski Foley Assistant
Bill Stein Re-recording Engineer
Charleen Richards ADR Mixer
David Lucarelli ADR Recordist
Derek Casari ADR Engineer
Roy Cox Dialogue Mixer
Bill Higley Dialogue Mixer
Roy Latham Dialogue Mixer
Matthew Roberts (III) Dialogue Mixer
Vance Walden Dialogue Mixer
Mark Filip Apprentice Sound Editor
Sean Garnhart Supervising Sound Editor
Sean Garnhart Sound Designer
Paul Massey Sound Mixer
D. M. Hemphill Sound Mixer
Sean Garnhart Sound Mixer
Paul Urmson Sound Effects Design
Tim Gomillion Recordist
Dennis Rogers (II) Recordist
Matt Patterson Recordist
Tim Lauber Recordist
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John Powell Music
Pete Anthony Orchestra Conductor
Brad Dechter Orchestrations
Bruce Fowler Orchestrations
Walter Fowler Orchestrations
Randy Kerber Orchestrations
Suzette Moriarty Orchestrations
John Ashton Thomas Additional Arranging & Programming
John Ashton Thomas Orchestrations
TJ Lindgren Additional Arranging & Programming
Sandy DeCrescent Orchestral Contractor
Edie Lehmann-Boddicker Vocal Contractor
Shawn Murphy Score Mixing
Shawn Murphy Score Recording
Robert Fernandez (III) Additional Recording
Brad Haehnel Additional Recording
Dan Lerner (II) Additional Recording
Erik Zobler Additional Recording
Bill Talbott Music Engineer
Larry Mah Scoring Digital Recordist
Blue Man Group (II) Featured Percussion Performer
Bruce Dukov Concert Master
Mike Fisher (III) Featured Orchestral Percussionist
Brian Kilgore Featured Orchestral Percussionist
Ritchie Garcia Featured Orchestral Percussionist
George Doering Featured Guitarist
Edward Elgar Song ("Pomp & Circumstance")
Ian Ball Song ("Silence")
Paul Blackburn Song ("Silence")
Thomas Gray Song ("Silence")
Ben Ottewell Song ("Silence")
Olly Peacock Song ("Silence)
Gomez (III) Song Performer ("Silence)
Ricky Fante Song ("Shine")
Joshua Deutsch Song ("Shine")
Kevin Kadish Song ("Shine")
Andy Wyatt Song ("Shine")
Ricky Fante Song Performer ("Shine")
Chingy Song ("Right Thurr")
Alonzo Lee Song ("Right Thurr")
Shamar Daugherty Song ("Right Thurr")
Chingy Song Performer ("Right Thurr")
Frank Sullivan III Song ("Eye of the Tiger")
Jim Peterik Song ("Eye of the Tiger")
Tom Waits Song ("Underground")
Tom Waits Song Performer ("Underground")
Clarence Kelley Song ("I'm a Little Teapot")
George Sanders Song ("I'm a Little Teapot")
Johann Strauss Music ("Trish Trash Polka")
Jared Wrennall Song ("Walkie Talkie Man")
Tyson Kennedy Song ("Walkie Talkie Man")
Jacob Adams Song ("Walkie Talkie Man")
Tim Youngson Song ("Walkie Talkie Man")
Bradley Carter Song ("Walkie Talkie Man")
Steriogram Song Performer ("Walkie Talkie Man")
Shamar Daugherty Song ("I Like That")
Alonzo Lee Song ("I Like That")
Mischke Song ("I Like That")
Houston Summers Song ("I Like That")
Chingy Song ("I Like That")
Nathaniel Hale Song ("I Like That")
Bobby Sandimanie Song ("I Like That")
Steve Prudholme Song ("I Like That")
Houston Summers Song Performer ("I Like That")
Chingy Song Performer ("I Like That")
Nate Dogg Song Performer ("I Like That")
I-20 Song Performer ("I Like That")
Harvey Mason Jr Song ("(There's Gotta Be) More to Life")
Damon Thomas Song ("(There's Gotta Be) More to Life")
Sabelle Breer Song ("(There's Gotta Be) More to Life")
Kevin Kadish Song ("(There's Gotta Be) More to Life")
Lucy Woodward Song ("(There's Gotta Be) More to Life")
Stacie Orrico (II) Song Performer ("(There's Gotta Be) More to Life")
Adam Schlesinger Song ("Tell Me What You Already Did")
Fountains of Wayne Song Performer ("Tell Me What You Already Did")
Gioachino Rossini (II) Song ("The Barber of Seville")
Sean Garnhart Song ("Anyone for a Drink")
Sean Garnhart Song Performer ("Anyone for a Drink")
James Brown Song ("Super Bad (Dance Remix)")
James Brown Song Performer ("Super Bad (Dance Remix)")
Norman Cook Song ("Wonderful Night (instrumental)")
Lateef The Truth Speaker Song ("Wonderful Night (instrumental)")
Fatboy Slim Song Performer ("Wonderful Night (instrumental)")
Freedom Williams Song ("Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)")
Robert Clivilles Song ("Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)")
The Hit Crew Song Performer ("Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)")
James Harris III Song ("Love's Dance")
Terry Lewis Song ("Love's Dance")
Tony Tolbert Song ("Love's Dance")
Earth Wind and Fire Song Performer ("Love's Dance")
Arthur Freed Lyrics ("Singin' in the Rain")
Nacio Herb Brown (II) Music ("Singin' in the Rain")
Sylvester Allen Song ("Low Rider")
Harold Brown Song ("Low Rider")
Morris Dickerson Song ("Low Rider")
Leroy Jordan Song ("Low Rider")
Charles W. Miller Song ("Low Rider")
Lee Oskar (II) Song ("Low Rider")
Howard Scott (II) Song ("Low Rider")
Jerry Goldstein Song ("Low Rider")
War (II) Song Performer ("Low Rider")
Barry White (II) Song ("Can't Get Enough of Your Love")
Barry White (II) Song Performer ("Can't Get Enough of Your Love")
Harry Dacre Song ("A Bicycle Built for Two")
Martin Sandberg Song ("...Baby One More Time")
Britney Spears Song Performer ("...Baby One More Time")
Deanna Brown Song ("Get Up Offa That Thing")
Deidra Jenkins Song ("Get Up Offa That Thing")
Yamma Brown Song ("Get Up Offa That Thing")
James Brown Song Performer ("Get Up Offa That Thing")
Becky Mancuso Music Supervisor
Tom Carlson Music Editor
Joshua Winget Music Editor
Dave Channing Scoring Editor
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Visual Effects & Animation
David Esneault Lighting Supervisor
Michael J. Travers CG Supervisor
Jimmy Hayward Additional Sequence Direction
Carl Lawrence Ludwig Research and Development Director
Greg Couch Lead Character Designer
Daisuke 'Dice Tsutsumi Lead Color Key Artist
Thomas Cardone Color Key Artist
Vincent Di Nguyen Color Key Artist
Michael Knapp Designer
Dan Lopez Designer
David Gordon (II) Designer
James Gettinger Pre-vis Set Designer
Haji Uesato Pre-vis Set Designer
Juan Carlos Arango Additional Design
H.B. Lewis Additional Design
Brandon Oldenburg Additional Design
Daisuke 'Dice Tsutsumi Additional Design
Todd Winter Additional Design
Peter DeSeve Rodney Designer
Michael DeFeo Modeling Supervisor
Christopher M. Burrows Assembly Lead
Shaun Cusick Lead Modeler
Alex Levenson Lead Modeler
Salvatore Melluso Lead Modeler
Daniel Williams (IV) Lead Modeler
Deric Behar Modeler
Sheldon Ho-Ming Chow Modeler
Brien Hindman Modeler
Jenga Zamani Mwendo Modeler
Edward Robbins Modeler
Daniel K. Shimmyo Modeler
Aaron DiMunno Scene Assembly Technical Director
Gareth Porter Scene Assembly Technical Director
Bryan Useo Scene Assembly Technical Director
Ryan Williams (II) Scene Assembly Technical Director
Frank Denota Additional Modeling
Doug Letterman Additional Modeling
David Mei Additional Modeling
Benjamin Williams Additional Modeling
Camila Frauendorf-Titone 3D Set Mockups
Christian Showe 3D Set Mockups
Sasha Troxler 3D Set Mockups
Robert Cardone Layout Lead
Arden Chan Layout Lead
Kevin Thomason Technical Lead/Layout Artist
Andrea Blasich Layout Artist
Nash Dunnigan Layout Artist
Jenifer Lee Gilchrist Layout Artist
Ken Lee Layout Artist
Benoit LePennec Layout Artist
Alex Li Layout Artist
Todd Winter Layout Artist
Jeff Beazley Additional Layout Artist
Craig Grasso Additional Layout Artist
Tom Humber Additional Layout Artist
James Bresnahan Supervising Animator
Michael Thurmeier Supervising Animator
Galen T. Chu Lead Animator
David Torres Lead Animator
Matthew D. Simmons Animation Technical Lead
Isabel Auphan Animator
Mark Behm Animator
James Campbell (III) Animator
Darko Cesar Animator
James Chiang Animator
Jerod Chirico Animator
David Couchariere Animator
Hans Dastrup Animator
Paul P. Downs Animator
Everett Downing Jr Animator
David Figliola Animator
David Gallagher (II) Animator
Michael Gargiulo Animator
Aaron J. Hartline Animator
James Hundertmark Animator
Byung Hyun Kim Animator
Ronald Kim Animator
Moonsung Lee Animator
Peter Nash Animator
Juan Carlos Navarro Animator
Pete Paquette Animator
David S. Peng Animator
Andreas Procopiou Animator
Mika Ripatti Animator
Elliott Roberts Animator
Derek Rozmes Animator
Amber Rudolph-Martorelli Animator
Jessica Sances Animator
Tom Saville Animator
Melvin Tsing Chern Tan Animator
Michael C. Walling Animator
Royce Wesley Animator
John Wilson (II) Animator
Rafael Anzivon Additional Animation
Yair Kantor (II) Additional Animation
Ross Scroble Additional Animation
David Tart Additional Animation
Alexander Williams Additional Animation
Jonathan Adam Burke Background Animator
Robert Dollase Background Animator
Jennifer Woodbury Downs Background Animator
Geoff Hemphill Background Animator
Yin-Fang Liao Background Animator
P. Jeep Naarkom Background Animator
Yuehchih Lin Background Animator
Scott Smith (XIV) Background Animator
Zachary Torok Background Animator
Nick Gibbons (II) Technical Assistant (Animation Department)
Aaron Halifax Technical Assistant (Animation Department)
Mark Piretti Rigging Supervisor
Scotty Sharp Rigger
Marco Burbano Rigger
Luis Cataldi Rigger
Michael Comet Rigger
Stephen Gressak (II) Rigger
Erik Ortega Malvarez Rigger
Steven Mann (II) Rigger
Ahmed Shehata Rigger
Stephen Unterfranz Rigger
Joseph Yoo Rigger
Mark Behm Additional Rigging
James Campbell (III) Additional Rigging
David Gallagher (II) Additional Rigging
Aaron J. Hartline Additional Rigging
James Hundertmark Additional Rigging
David S. Peng Additional Rigging
Andreas Procopiou Additional Rigging
Kevin Thomason Additional Rigging
Micahel Eringis Materials Supervisor (Technical Direction)
Rob Cavaleri Effects Supervisor (Technical Direction)
Andrew Beddini Sequence Lighting Lead (Technical Direction)
Scott Clifford Sequence Lighting Lead (Technical Direction)
Keith Cormier Sequence Lighting Lead (Technical Direction)
James Gettinger Sequence Lighting Lead (Technical Direction)
Daniel Patrick O'Brien Sequence Lighting Lead (Technical Direction)
Haji Uesato Sequence Lighting Lead (Technical Direction)
Tim Speltz Effects Lead (Technical Direction)
Alexander Adell Materials (Technical Director)
Clifford Bohm Materials (Technical Director)
Ian Butterfield Materials (Technical Director)
Nicholas Carne Materials (Technical Director)
Carol Hayden Materials (Technical Director)
Brian Hill (II) Materials (Technical Director)
Raphael Matto Materials (Technical Director)
Jean Michel Mistrot Materials (Technical Director)
Weera Tom Wichitsripornkul Materials (Technical Director)
Jamie Williams (III) Materials (Technical Director)
Athena Xenakis Materials (Technical Director)
Lynn Bacino Lighting (Technical Director)
Jess Bressler Lighting (Technical Director)
Brian P. Dean Lighting (Technical Director)
Svetla Gressak Lighting (Technical Director)
Kiki Lippman Lighting (Technical Director)
Rosalinda Malibiran Lighting (Technical Director)
Luke Martorelli Lighting (Technical Director)
Daniel Patrick O'Brien Lighting (Technical Director)
John Payne (IV) Lighting (Technical Director)
Jacob Richards Lighting (Technical Director)
Aaron Ross Lighting (Technical Director)
Baaron Schulte Lighting (Technical Director)
Michael Sparber Lighting (Technical Director)
Jeeyun Sung Lighting (Technical Director)
Aamir Tarin Lighting (Technical Director)
Saira Weigel Lighting (Technical Director)
Mathew Ka-Ho Lighting (Technical Director)
Albert Yu (II) Lighting (Technical Director)
Terry Ziegelman Lighting (Technical Director)
Clay Budin Effects (Technical Director)
Sebastion Bilbao Effects (Technical Director)
Simon Brown Effects (Technical Director)
Rhett Collier Effects (Technical Director)
Kirk Garfield Effects (Technical Director)
Alen Lai (II) Effects (Technical Director)
Seth Lippman Effects (Technical Director)
Eric Maurer Effects (Technical Director)
John A. Patterson Effects (Technical Director)
John David Thornton Effects (Technical Director)
John Siczewicz Digital Paint Artist (Technical Director)
David Mei Digital Paint Artist (Technical Director)
Victor Banks Digital Paint Artist (Technical Director)
Davi Stein Digital Paint Artist (Technical Director)
Oktay Ahiska Additional Materials (Technical Director)
Andrew Beddini Additional Materials (Technical Director)
Deric Behar Additional Materials (Technical Director)
Sebastian Bilbao Additional Materials (Technical Director)
Sheldon Ho-Ming Chow Additional Materials (Technical Director)
Keith Cormier Additional Materials (Technical Director)
Christa Starr Additional Materials (Technical Director)
Ram Mohan Additional Lighting (Technical Director)
Jodi Lyn Bade Additional Lighting (Technical Director)
Rafael Castelblanco Additional Lighting (Technical Director)
Diana Diriwaechter Additional Lighting (Technical Director)
Inkyong Irene Kim Additional Lighting (Technical Director)
Mitch Koppelman Additional Lighting (Technical Director)
Keith McCabe Additional Lighting (Technical Director)
Matt Roach Additional Lighting (Technical Director)
Jon Schroth Additional Lighting (Technical Director)
Danielle Cambridge Lead Technical Director (Rendering/Technical Support)
Arun Ram-Mohan Technical Assistant (Rendering/Technical Support)
Matt Roach Technical Assistant (Rendering/Technical Support)
Jon Schroth Technical Assistant (Rendering/Technical Support)
Michael Kingsley (II) Render Wrangler (Rendering/Technical Support)
James Willingham Render Wrangler (Rendering/Technical Support)
Maurice van Swaaij Software Manager
Joe Higham Software Tools Lead
Kevin Porterfield Software Tools
Doug Letterman Software Tools
Andrew Siegel Head of Systems
Alex John Cuthbert Systems Administrator
Jack Ham Systems Administrator
George Jacobs Systems Administrator
Mary Lynn Kirby Systems Administrator
Alex Drought Head of Editorial Technology (Systems Administration)
Lorene Simpson DI Producer
Curtis Lindersmith DI Editor
Jordan Ford DI Assistant Producer
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Brian A. Keane General Manager
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Jason J. Wasserman Controller
Courtney Hazel Accounting Staff
Daniela Polcari Accounting Staff
Angela Fay Accounting Staff
Paul Ohrt Production Accountant
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Consultants & Advisors
Richard Hadsell Senior Research Associate (Software)
Michael K. Reed Senior Research Associate (Software)
Trevor Thomson Senior Research Associate (Software)
Hugo Ayala Research Software Developer
Justin Bisceglio Research Software Developer
Jitendra Borse Research Software Developer
Adam Burr Research Software Developer
Vinoad Senguttuvan Research Software Developer
Jimmy Hayward Story Consultant
Jim Hecht (II) Story Consultant
Mike Reiss Story Consultant
Jon Vitti Story Consultant
Hillel Meltzer Choreography Consultant (Animation Department)
Keith Middleton (III) Choreography Consultant (Animation Department)
Tere O'Conner Choreography Consultant (Animation Department)
Koji Egawa Scoring Technical Consultant
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Below The Line
Carol Fassett Ellis (II) Human Resources
Linda Zazza Human Resources
Mona Falvey Executive Assistant
Christopher A. Kappler Administrative Assistant
Kane Lee Administrative Assistant
Brooque Robinson Administrative Assistant
Diane Shasta-Dominguez Administrative Assistant
Andres Lavin Facilities
Kate Lewine Marketing Coordinator
Melanie Martini Marketing Coordinator
Dorothy Joo Music Coordinator
Sean M. Murphy Production Assistant (Story Department)
Alicia Brooks Production Assistant (Art Department)
Jessica Ferber Production Assistant (Art Department)
Melanie Martini Production Assistant (Art Department)
Sarah Wedge Production Assistant (Art Department)
Scott Farrell (II) Production Assistant (Layout)
Parke Anderson Production Assistant (Animation Department)
Stephanie Marie Walling Production Assistant (Animation Department)
Jinyi Baird Production Assistant (Technical Director)
Joselly A. Torres Production Assistant (Technical Director)
Brian Oakes Production Assistant (Technical Director)
Justin Mandel Intern
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Other Crew
Eugene Troubetzkoy Chief Scientist
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Worldwide Distributors
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Video Distributor
FS Film Oy Theatrical Distributor (Finland)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Germany)
Skifan HF Theatrical Distributor (Iceland)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Mexico)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Norway)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Austria)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Sweden)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Singapore)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Switzerland)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (United Kingdom)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Brazil)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Australia)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Spain)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Argentina)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Belgium)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Netherlands)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (Italy)
20th Century Fox International Theatrical Distributor (France)
Nu-Metro Theatrical Distributor (South Africa)
20th Century Fox Distribution Theatrical Distributor
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Other Companies
C5, Inc. Foley and Post Production Sound (New York)
20th Century Fox Studio Facilities Post Production Facilities
Bridge Additional Dialogue Recording
Howard M Schwartz Recording Additional Dialogue Recording
Kessler Media Productions Ltd Additional Dialogue Recording
L.A. Studios Additional Dialogue Recording
One Union Recording Studios Additional Dialogue Recording
EFILM Digital Intermediate
Pacific Title & Art Studio End Titles
Avid Technology, Inc. Editing Equipment
JoAnn Kane Music Service Music Preparation
Newman Scoring Stage Score Recording Facility
Henson Recording Studio Additional Recording Facility
The Hollywood Studio Orchestra Score Performer
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