Critically acclaimed as an "architectural jewel," the 35,000-square-foot main building combines an elliptical, three-story, historic industrial building with extensive new architecture to contain six galleries, filled with art exploring one central exhibition theme at a time. The central stairway, balustrade and garden gates were beautifully hand cast by metal artist, David Hess, and have been described as "alone worth the price of admission."

Formerly the Four Roses whiskey warehouse, the 45-foot ceilings can accommodate towering sculptures and other exhibits. During the We Are Not Alone: Angels and Other Aliens exhibition, the Tall Sculpture Barn featured a life-size, interactive chess set of sculpted metal angels and aliens made exclusively from found objects by North Carolina artist, Lyle Estill. Also included was The Geller Effect art car by psychic Uri Geller, covered with 5000 psychically-bent spoons and forks. Adjacent to the Wildflower Sculpture Garden, the Barn also functions as a host site for lectures, private receptions and celebrations. Future plans include use as a spring and summer art movie theater.

Located on the ground level, the AVAM's Museum Shop features handcrafted gifts, choice international crafts, exotic charms, jewelry, hand-painted and recycled cards and stationery, toys, t-shirts, books, and other terrific items. Gift wrap is always free of charge.

Baltimore's newest and already most beloved outdoor sculptural landmark. Fifty-five feet tall, this brilliant, multicolored wind-powered sculpture was created in the central plaza as a salute to Federal Hill and "Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness" by 76 year-old mechanic, farmer and visionary artist, Vollis Simpson. Free to visit anytime.

The Sculpture Plaza is terraced and paved with granite and quartz, the outdoor plaza is where large groups may gather. It is also the central circulation area between the main museum building, tall sculpture barn, and garden. The plaza functions as the ground level connector to Federal Hill and Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Wildflowers provide the ideal visual metaphor for the museum's visionary artists themselves. Wildflowers, aromatics, and climbing vines encircle the museum's wooden meditation chapel and wedding altar built by visionary artist Ben Wilson.

Come by and enjoy an extraordinary view and truly delectable New World cuisine, prepared with only the freshest ingredients and a unique twist of culinary art (seats 80, outdoor balcony seats 55).

Please note: The Joy America Cafe is currently closed for renovations. We look forward to re-opening soon!



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