Title: Over the Fence (1/1)
Author: Lux (quietlygorgeous@hotmail.com)
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry is a sweet little girl
Warning: spanking, cross-dressing and androgyny
Feedback: Always appreciated
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Distribution: my site (www.snowroses.net); anyone else, just ask.
Author's Note: So, it sort of kind of takes place in Victorian England. I use that term loosely. And please note that you aren't supposed to take it seriously. Also, I don't know if this will have a second part or not so for the time being, let's just pretend its a one-off.

Over the Fence

Harry was a good girl. He cooked breakfast for his family (who were so good to take him in after his parents were killed), he weeded the garden on request, cleaned up the house, did the dishes, and put up with the leers and pinches to his bottom that he got from his Uncle. After all, Harry was just a simple little girl with nary a thought in his head.

He was not a girl of society like his portly cousin, nor did he have an education. When asked to add two and two together, Harry simply stared in befuddlement and blushed prettily when his Uncle's friend had laughed and called him a "Sweet little girl with an even sweeter bottom" while he was, once again, pinched rather hard.

Not that he minded being pinched. Oh no, he quite enjoyed it but he would never let anyone know for fear that the treatment would stop. He simply smiled at the man and reminded himself to bend over in the man's peripheral vision sometime before the night was out. He was wearing the skirt that had a habit of "creeping up" at the most inopportune times to show his frilly knickers.

He did not have the kind of dresses that he saw other women wearing when they walked down the street. His longest skirt barely covered his knees but his Uncle assured him that house girls were not supposed to wear such elegant clothes.

"Not to worry, my dear," Vernon told his dear nephew. "Such finery is not made for one as simple as you." Harry blushed at the compliment and smiled sweetly when his Uncle rubbed his bottom. "A corset alone is almost too good for you but I allow you to wear one since you look so sweet in it." Harry leaned over and kissed his Uncle on the cheek for he loved his corsets too much to bare parting with them.

His Uncle was quite fond of bending Harry over his great knee and smacking his upturned bottom until Harry's eyes were wet with unshed tears. Afterwards, Vernon would caress the tender flesh while Harry sniffled and whimpered and promised profusely that he wouldn't do anything to anger his Uncle again. Vernon would laugh boisterously, a sound that made Harry's spine tingle, and chuck his chin lightly while wiping away the tiny crystalline tears. When Harry smiles softly back, Vernon would give his bottom one more sharp smack and a rub before returning to his study to attend to business. Harry was very happy.

One day while Harry was weeding the garden, he was startled by a man who was leaning over the fence and watching him. The man was not handsome in any sense of the word. He had an oddly-shaped nose and his stringy black hair was pulled back in a rather lopsided tail at the back of his head. Harry ignored him and kept weeding. It would not be good for his Uncle and cousin to come home to find the garden still in need of tending.

Sweat trickled down Harry's brow and he brushed long tresses of black hair out of his eyes. Yet he still felt the penetrating gaze of the man leaning over the fence. He hoped the man didn't break it. Uncle would surely scorn him greatly if he were to come home and find the fence with a dent in it.

"What is your name?" The strange man asked as Harry worked. He had a deep voice that seemed to rumble in his throat and caused a peculiar sensation in the pit of Harry's stomach. He blushed and flattened his skirt but secretly hoped the man got a glimpse of his knickers.

Harry stood and stuck out his corset-covered chest in a manner his Uncle would surely spank his bottom for if he were to see. "My name is Harry," he replied sweetly and blushed hotly when the man tucked a piece of hair from Harry's face, his hand brushing Harry's cheek lightly.

The man's eyes were a deep black that Harry thought he could easily lose himself in. Up close, the man still was by no means pretty but the little flutter in Harry's breast assured him that appearances did not matter. "Do you live here by yourself, my dear?" He asked in his deep, rumbling voice.

He blinked slowly and felt his face flush. "No, sir," he said breathlessly. "I live with my Uncle and my cousin."

"Do you?" He inquired genially with a soft smile that somehow looked wrong on his face. Then he was gone as if he hadn't been there a second before and Harry felt suddenly very silly standing by the fence with his face brightly pink. He flattened his skirt and ran a hand down his chest before going back to working in the garden.

That evening after Harry finished with the dishes, he knocked softly on his Uncle's study door where he had retired for a smoke and a brandy. When Vernon gave his consent, Harry slipped inside the room and flattened his dress. "Uncle?"

Vernon looked up over the top of his paper and nodded to Harry. "Yes, my dear?"

He flushed and stepped forward. "Uncle, am I to be married?"

Vernon narrowed his eyes. "Where did you get a silly notion like that?" His voice was hard and Harry felt his hands begin to shake. "Did you let someone stick their hand up your skirt?" The tone threatened punishment if it were true.

"No!" He answered swiftly. The strange man hadn't put a hand anywhere near his skirt!

Vernon nodded and some of the tension left his face as he smiled at his favorite nephew. "Come here, dear one." Harry obediently came to his Uncle's side and knelt next to his feet. The smile widened. "Don't be shy." Harry blushed and put his head in Vernon's lap. He was pleasantly surprised to feel something rather hard pressing against his neck. His Uncle began to stroke and finger Harry's silky black hair in a manner that caused Harry's eyes to droop in ecstasy. "You shall never marry, my dear. You needn't ever worry, though; I shall take care of you for always."

"Oh Uncle," he sighed sleepily. "Do you mean it?"

Vernon chuckled. "Of course!"

Harry frowned and looked up inquisitively. "Does that mean I shall never bear children like other women?"

He smiled softly at his dear nephew. "Such a simple question from such a simple little girl."

Harry blushed and put his head back down near the strange hard thing in his Uncle's lap before he fell asleep as the fire crackled and warmed his back.

The next day, Harry worked diligently in the garden and tried not to think of the strange man from the day before. His cheeks flushed as he remembered the dream he had had that night after falling asleep in his Uncle's lap. He had been lying on the most exquisite bed of silk. His breathing had been heavy and the odd sensation in his stomach had been so fierce that he had cried out! There was a man in the bed with him but oddly, this did not upset him. He had even reached out to him and pleaded with words he did not understand but the man seemed to. He was enveloped in a hot embrace that left him quivering when he woke up. He had been extra careful to clean himself that morning. It would not do for his Uncle to find out that he had dirtied his sheets during the night.

As he pulled vegetables from the earth, a shadow came over him and he looked up into the dark eyes of the man. "Good day, my dear Harry," the stranger said and Harry kept a whimper in his throat.

He nodded but could barely stop the smile he wished to show this older man. "It is a fine morning," he managed to all but squeak.

The man cocked his head. "Will you stand so I can see you clearly in the light? I wish to see your pretty face."

Harry's breath hitched but he pulled himself up. "I-I am nothing to look at," he said and turned his face away as he had seen many of the prettiest girls do.

The man cupped his chin and turned his gaze forward once more. "Never have I seen a more beautiful complexion," he assured the young girl. "Not in any part of the world that I have traveled have I seen a prettier face than you possess."

He blushed brilliantly and he smiled bashfully. "Surely you only wish to make a young maiden blush," he stuttered.

A soft laugh kissed his ear and Harry thought he would gladly jump into the man's arms. "The blush is merely a bonus, my darling. Do you come to weed every day?"

"No, sir. Once a week."

His eyes laughed with mirth. "Yet I saw you here yesterday and here you are again! What a lucky garden to have your lovely fingers caress it." He took one of Harry's hands and kissed his knuckles. "A more loved and taken care of garden has never been seen by these eyes."

Oh Uncle would surely be furious that this gentleman was touching his lips to Harry's hand. "I-I didn't finish yesterday," he lied.

The man tsked. "That will not do, will it? A garden such as this must be expertly tended, its vegetables pulled from their roots with care, and its soil turned and hoed with the greatest of skill." The look in his eye made Harry think that he was discussing more than just garden maintenance. His black eyes burned and Harry felt as if he was naked and the man could see every part of him.

His breathing quickened and he felt slightly faint in the hot sun. "You are too kind, dear sir for I do as well as I can."

The odd-looking smile came back and it didn't seem so misplaced anymore. "I must leave you for now; I have business to attend to. Shall I see you out again tomorrow? No, I daresay your garden looks quite fit. Would you permit me to send you a letter by post come tomorrow?"

Harry had never received a letter before! He nodded. "I would enjoy that."

"Very well. Expect a letter by noon tomorrow. I shall think of nothing but you until I see you again, my dear Harry." Lips caressed his knuckles again and when Harry blinked, the man was gone once more. On shaking legs, he managed to go back into the house. There were floors that needed scrubbing.

To scrub the floor, Harry would fasten his skirt to his knickers so they wouldn't get wet. Uncle got cross when Harry dirtied his clothing and a spanking was almost always in order. He knelt on the wooden floors and scrubbed while his mind wandered to the man who thought him so beautiful. His hand still burned from where the man had touched him and oh how he wished that there was a name to attach to a man so fine! He began to hum as he scrubbed and he could hardly wait until the next day to receive his letter.

"Dear cousin, how cheerful you sound this evening," Dudley chirped as he stood at the end of the hall.

Harry blushed but he wasn't sure if it was because he was indeed happy or if it was because Dudley was, no doubt, staring at his knickers. With a devilish grin, he managed to swing his bottom in a way that was completely natural when one was scrubbing the floor. His heart fluttered when he heard the sharp intake of breath. "It is a fine evening, cousin," he replied with a sultry smile over his shoulder.

Dudley licked his lips appreciatively. "It is good to hear you in such fine spirits." Without another word he swept down the hallway to his room.

Harry pouted and went back to scrubbing. A little pang of guilt made him nearly breathless as he realized what he'd done. He cared for the man over the fence so much yet he did such horrid things to make his cousin ache! His eyes narrowed and he nearly began to weep for his betrayal.

As he served his Uncle and cousin their dinner, Harry's mind wandered to what the letter might say upon its arrival. Perhaps he would finally learn the gentleman's name! He was so lost in his thoughts that he nearly spilled his Uncle's coffee. His Uncle smiled warmly at him though as if he could sense Harry's deep thoughts. "Dearest, come sit in my lap," he said.

Harry settled himself daintily in his Uncle's lap for he was of slight height and build. Many of the men who came to dine with his Uncle often mistook him for being no older than ten while he was nearly fifteen! But he knew his Uncle liked him small and Harry prayed that he never grew any bigger for he was quite fond of perching on his Uncle's lap or any lap that was offered to him. He wiggled closer to his Uncle and was quite pleased at the sharp intake of breath that matched his cousin's almost exactly.

His Uncle smiled at him. "Such a naughty little girl," he chided affectionately and sipped his coffee while Harry's cousin looked on jealously. If only Harry would sit on his lap, as well! But Dudley was not allowed to touch Harry at his father's request and he wouldn't dare upset his father so he would watch Harry from afar. Vernon stroked Harry's side softly, settled his hand on the slight swell of hip that was created by the tight-fitting corset. "What did you learn in school today, Dudley?"

Harry listened with only half an ear as his cousin spoke of maths, a complicated sequence of numbers that Harry didn't understand. Uncle assured him that he would have no need for maths and other such nonsense. As he sat on his Uncle's lap, the mysterious hardness returned but this time it brushed his thigh and was so close to his bottom that he would have squealed if he weren't sure of a punishment. The strange sensation in his stomach came back and he felt his cheeks grow hot in embarrassment. Confusion colored his thoughts and when he wiggled experimentally against it, Uncle nearly spit out his coffee. "I-I'm sorry," Harry stuttered in horror and leapt up to fetch a rag before the table clothe stained.

Fearfully, he mopped up the spilled coffee but his Uncle did not seem fazed at all. He merely continued to eat but he did not ask Harry to return to his lap and he almost pouted in disappointment. He stood near the corner and waited for them to finish so he could clear the table and wash the dishes. He hoped his Uncle wasn't too mad at him but the hardness in his lap had him completely baffled and he needed to know what it was!

Vernon and Dudley finished and excused themselves so Harry could clear the table in peace. As he filled the sink with water, he was surprised by a body that pressed against his back. "I wish to have some acquaintances present for dinner next Monday. Will you be able to prepare something adequate?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, Uncle."

"Good," he murmured and took great pains to rub against Harry's bottom until he felt the hardness again and gasped. "Finish the washing up and go to bed."

Harry's knees quivered once his Uncle left and he washed the evening dishes only half-heartedly. All he could think about was that wonderful hardness against his bottom and how shameful it was for him to want it to return. He rushed off to his little room as soon as the last dish was dry.

He paced in front of the door eagerly the next morning. He played with a bit of his long black hair as his skirts fluttered around knees. He had never been so eager for the post to arrive before! When the bell was rung, he nearly jumped out of his skin before flinging open the door. A squat man tipped his hat. "Good afternoon, ma'am. I have a letter for Miss Harry."

"Thank you." He took the offered envelope and tipped the man before closing the door and clutching the letter to his chest. Furiously, he ripped it open and unfolded the letter before bursting into tears. In his eagerness and anticipation, he had forgotten that he was uneducated and unable to read even the most basic of books let alone the elegant script of his man. He tried desperately to understand what the little letters upon the page meant but it only caused him frustration.

A most horrible thought occurred to him. Did his man expect a reply? Would someone be back tomorrow to collect his return letter or was he expected to send someone to the man's house following the address he had surely enclosed? What if the man became angry with him? Uncle became quite cross when correspondence was late.

He stared at the letter and was almost sure that the fine signature at the end was the man's name yet he could not read it. He would never know until they were face-to-face once more. A whole week to wait until he remembered his Uncle's party! Harry would be in the kitchen all weekend preparing food and his garden would have to wait until Wednesday; it always took him an extra day to clean up.

He sniffled away his tears and used the hem of his skirt to dry his eyes. It was best to just forget about the man. After all, Uncle had said that Harry was not to be married so it was best to forget the man even existed and only concentrate on making his Uncle and cousin happy. With one more wistful sigh, he gathered himself together and pushed all thoughts of his man from his mind.

The rest of the week he tried desperately to forget about the man over the fence and was disappointed when no more letters came and no one came to retrieve his would-be reply. He worked furiously on the food that would be served at his Uncle's party and it was by far his greatest spread ever. Uncle would surely be pleased when it was revealed and Harry spent every spare minute in the kitchen. He worked until the late hours of the evening just so he would be too exhausted to dream silly little dreams and he woke early to work harder than the day before.

On Sunday night, the eve of the party, his Uncle stopped him as he worked. "Dear one, are you alright?"

At his Uncle's kind words, Harry burst into tears. "Oh Uncle!" He cried and hid his face in his skirts.

Startled, Vernon embraced his nephew. "What happened? I have never seen you in such a state before!"

Harry hiccupped into his shoulder and despite all warnings, he told his Uncle of the man over the fence and of the letter that he could not read and how tired he was for he had been running himself ragged since the letter had arrived some four days before.

Vernon listened to his nephew's woes as anger built within his chest. "Now, you mustn't blame the man for he was merely taken with your pretty face and slight body. Any man would find you irresistible, my dear. But you mustn't let it cause you so much pain. Come, go and rest until the party tomorrow evening."

"But the food!"

He waved it away. "You needn't worry. I shall hire someone to come in and finish the preparation. I daresay you've outdone yourself this time." Vernon kissed Harry's brow. "Go and sleep. A good night's sleep and all thoughts of your man will be the farthest thing from your mind. Mm?"

Harry nodded. "Thank you, Uncle," he wibbled piteously and wrapped his arms around his Uncle's waist. "You are so good to me."

Vernon chuckled. "Yes but who could be mean to a body as beautiful as you?" He pulled Harry close, one hand on the youth's bottom and caressed lovingly. Harry sighed and thought of how stupid he'd been to want to leave such a fine household where he was loved. A sharp thwack on his hindquarters startled him out of his revere. Tearfully, he looked into the stern face of his Uncle. "Let that be a lesson to you. Now, off to bed."

"Yes, Uncle," he obeyed and sniffled his way to his room. He slept fretfully that night and dreamt of the bed with the silk sheets and the man that embraced him so tightly. He sighed as the man touched his side and rocked against him in a way that reminded him of his Uncle. Except in his dream, he responded in kind and whimpered when a hard thing rubbed against his belly. In his dream he knew what it was and he was delighted! When he moaned, lips crashed against his and a tongue felt its way inside his mouth. Desperately he returned the kiss and wiggled closer to the dream man. He whispered something that made the man growl and suddenly he felt like his whole body was on fire, the most delicious kind of fire he had ever encountered and woke to dirtied sheets once again.

With a delicate little sniffle, he made himself presentable and went to his Uncle's study. He knocked gently and went in once his Uncle had yelled through the door. He shut it behind him and came into the room. "What time will the guests be arriving, Uncle?"

Vernon sat in his chair in front of the fire and tapped his fingers on his leg. "Come here, dear one."

Harry came to his Uncle's side. "Uncle?"

"Lay down on my lap." His cheeks flushed and he lay down in his Uncle's lap, his bottom up in the air. He shivered as his skirt was lifted and his knickers were shoved aside. "Do you know why you are being punished?" Vernon asked. Harry knew better than to come up with a reply. He merely whimpered when the first smack came down upon his upturned posterior. "For doubting my love for you. I am deeply hurt that you would think of another man taking care of you after all I have done for you." Another sharp thwack, harder than the last one and hard enough to bring tears to Harry's eyes.

Several more smacks and Harry was choking back sobs. He hadn't meant to anger his Uncle! He couldn't help that he liked being looked at and he liked the attention all the men gave him. He whimpered his apologies over and over again as the spanks rained down until Harry was sure he wouldn't be able to sit for a week.

When they stopped, Vernon was breathing heavily and he pulled Harry up so he was nestled in his Uncle's lap. The sharp pain in his bottom made him squirm uncomfortably. "I am tempted to lock you in your room this evening so you cannot tempt my guests but several have asked that you attend so I shall allow it this time. Wear your prettiest skirt and tightest corset."

Harry nodded tearfully. "Yes, Uncle."

"My guests will arrive in any hour. I suggest you make yourself presentable." He nodded again and slid from his Uncle's lap and pulled his knickers back on, his cheeks flush with embarrassment and shame. He ran from Vernon's study.

He did not enjoy the slaps and pinches to his bottom that night. Each one only reminded him of his earlier punishment and caused his cheeks to burn. If only that man hadn't started talking to him last week over the fence! When one of his Uncle's friends pulled Harry into his lap, he managed a giggle because he knew it made his Uncle happy to see him getting on with his friends. He excused himself to check on dinner when someone grabbed his arm and pulled him into one of the smaller parlors that no one ever traversed. With the door closed, the laughter of the party was muffled.

Harry gasped when he saw that man from over the fence. "I-I have to get to the kitchen," he whimpered but the man pinned him to the door.

"Why have you avoided me, my love?" He asked and Harry heard the undertone of anger.

He felt tears peak in his eyes. "I-I haven't been avoiding you!"

"Liar," he growled. "Why did you not return my letter?"

Harry sniffled. "I don't know how to read." He gasped when the man slapped him across the face.

"I will not tolerate lying."

He whimpered. "I'm sorry. I wanted so badly to contact you but I didn't know your name so I couldn't ask anyone to send a message to you. I'm a stupid girl," he wailed in despair.

The man sighed and held him close as he sniffled and cried softly. "My name is Severus Snape, dearest. Silly girl, you could've shown the envelope to anyone on the street and they would've told you how to find me."

He sniffled. "But I'm not allowed to leave the property! Uncle forbids it incase I were to get lost and I surely would!" At the memory of his Uncle he wailed again. "Oh I must go! If he finds me with you he will be so very angry. He has forbid me to marry and was so angry when I told him about you."

Severus stiffened. "You told him? Did he read my letter to you?"

Harry shook his head. "No. I-I told him I burnt it but I didn't!" He fumbled in his pockets and found the creased piece of paper. "I keep it with me."

Severus took it and smiled. "Come, sit with my by the fire." He led Harry to the chair and pulled him onto his lap. He chuckled when Harry squeaked. "My, you are small. I could nearly fit you in my pocket," he mused. Harry cuddled closely to him like he had done with his Uncle and ignored the hot pain on his bottom. "I shall read the letter to you." His deep voice rumbled and Harry bit back a gasp as the sound was so close to his ear now. He closed his eyes and listened to every word.

"'Dearest Harry, I dreamt of you last night. I dreamt of your pretty little body and how it would feel pressed against mine. When I awoke, I wanted only to come to you that very instant and take you as my own. I wonder every minute what it will be like to kiss your fine lips and caress your silken hair. I can hardly contain myself when I think of your delicate curves and what I wish to do to you. Such beauty has never been possessed by anyone, I am certain but oh how I wish it were me that tended to you as well as you tend your garden.

"'What do you look like beneath your corset and skirt?'" Harry's eyes widened at the question and blushed hotly. "'What is hidden beneath your dainty knickers that no man has ever seen? I ache to hold you in my arms, on my lap.' Would you permit me to touch you?" It took Harry a second to realize the last sentence was not part of the letter. He gasped at how forward Severus was but nodded and spread his legs. Severus chuckled and slipped his hand beneath Harry's skirt and caressed him through his knickers. "You are a little slut, aren't you?" Harry whimpered and moved against Severus' hand. Severus' other hand stilled his hips. "I will not have you acting like a common whore, is that understood?" Harry nodded and bit his lip, looked pleadingly up at him. "Good." He began reading again but Harry didn't hear a word.

The grip on his hip was wonderful and the fingers teasing his penis were amazing, nothing like he had ever felt before. He wiggled his hips and gasped with pleasure when he felt a hardness against his ass. Just like his Uncle! Severus stopped reading and set the letter down on the end table next to a jar of hand cream. "You are a naughty little girl," he growled and Harry shuddered. Would he be punished again? "Turn to face me." Harry managed to get his legs on either side of Severus' slim hips and he gasped when the hardness rubbed against his own. So that's what it was! He suddenly blushed and realized what that meant.

He bit his lip. "May I kiss you?" He asked tentatively and played with a bit of Severus' hair.

Arms came around him and brought him closer. "Have you ever kissed anyone before?" Harry shook his head and stared at the lips in front of him. "Good." He moaned as Severus kissed him deeply. Harry wound his arms around his neck and pressed his chest against Severus'. Suddenly he hated his corset; he wanted his corset and Severus' shirt to be gone so he could feel skin against his breast. Severus' hands moved down and caressed his bottom through his skirt and Harry moaned, propped himself up on his knees so he could kiss him better.

Thrusting his tongue inside Harry's mouth, Severus lifted Harry's skirt and slid down his knickers. Warm hands touched his bare bottom and Harry moaned, kissed back more deeply. A slick finger caressed between his cheeks and slipped a knuckle deep into his very relaxed anus. Harry dirtied his skirt. He pulled back from the kiss and wailed when the finger disappeared. Immediately he stopped when he was slapped again. "Don't make any noise," Severus advised him. "You don't want them to hear you, do you?"

Harry shook his head. "B-but I soiled my skirt."

Severus lifted up the skirt in front, much to Harry's embarrassment, and chuckled. "So you did. That's alright," he said soothingly and caressed Harry's cheek. "You needn't worry about that."

Harry bit his lip. "Would you do that again? Put your finger...?"

He nuzzled Harry's neck and the finger returned to his bottom. Harry sighed and rocked against it, moaned when it slipped inside again. "Unzip my trousers," Severus whispered in his ear and Harry nearly balked. He panted and moaned as a second wet finger was added to the first and unzipped Severus' trousers. Severus chuckled and brought his own hand down to his lap. Harry watched with rapt attention as the largest thing he'd ever seen on a body came out of Severus' trousers. His eyes grew wide and his gaze shifted between the penis and Severus' eyes. The fingers in his bottom began working again and his eyes fluttered shut as a third was added.

He gasped out loud and rocked against them. He'd never felt so flustered before in his life! He shook and his toes curled and he felt his penis growing hard again. He moaned and whimpered, kissed Severus' feverishly and tried to spread his legs wider. "More," he pleaded.

Severus grasped his penis and guided Harry's hips down. He began to murmur sweet things in Harry's ear as the head pressed in and the fingers disappeared. Harry stopped breathing except for short little gasps until he was seated on Severus' lap. His eyes widened as the situation took hold in his head. "B-but," he stuttered. "I could get pregnant!" He stopped speaking and opted for squeaking as Severus' hips thrust upwards. Instinct seemed to take over and Harry found himself lifting and lowering himself almost expertly upon Severus' penis.

"Oh dearest one," Severus gasped and he guided Harry's hips. "Faster."

Harry grasped the back of the chair and used it for reasons he didn't know as the pace quickened and his heart fluttered in his chest. He panted and grunted as Severus grasped Harry's penis and began to stroke. His cry was strangled in his throat as he impaled himself over and over.

"Such a good little girl," Severus panted. Harry gasped as he dirtied Severus' hand and the muscles in his bottom tightened and he felt the most peculiar warmth spread through him. He leaned against Severus and panted. He was vaguely aware of being lifted off of Severus' softening penis but still he leaned against the hard chest. A kiss was placed on the top of his head and his knickers were pulled back on. "You're lovely," Severus whispered in his ear and Harry purred, snuggled closer to him. He would never sit on anyone else's lap ever again.




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