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Wii Internet Channel

Internet Channel changes the way you surf the net forever. No more hunching over your computer. Just download the Opera browser for just 500 Wii Points and within minutes, you’ll be a professional sofa surfer, pointing-and-clicking your way around the web with your Wii Remote. Opera supports Adobe Flash and JavaScript so you can even watch movies on your favorite video sites!

Click here for detailed specs Information for developers The Internet Channel is available to download from the Wii Shop Channel for a fee of 500 Wii Points.

Wii Remote makes surfing a breeze

Control the Internet Channel with your Wii Remote. Scroll through sites with either the +Control Pad or the B Button and click on a link by pointing to it and hitting the A Button. Text too small? Video too big? Zoom in and out of the browser with the + (plus) and - (minus) Buttons.

Let Wii Remote do the typing

The search button is right on the start page, so you can quickly look up anything you just saw on TV. To start typing, just grab your Wii Remote, point to each letter on the display keyboard and press the A Button. Choose from 2 keyboards: traditional QWERTY or a compact cellphone-style keyboard with predictive typing.

And don’t forget to save all your coolest sites to the Favorites folder!

Feel secure with Parental Controls

Restricting internet usage is easy with the Parental Controls.