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The Chief of Keppoch Sings!

Clansmen throughout the diaspora can now gain access to their Chief's personal album and can purchase an mp3 version of it online if they wish to . It is indeed a "one-off" and as such is a collector's item. Click on the link to preview the album.


Victory at last for Scottish National Party

The 3rd of May 2007 is an historical benchmark, in the long stuggle from the last quarter of the 19th century to the present day, for the Scottish National Party to win a mandate from the Scottish people, to govern Scotland as it should be governed, in our Scottish based parliament in Scotland's capital city of Dun Eideann Gaelic. (Edinburgh).

It is a joyous moment for all those who have given their very all now and in the past. A momentous time for Scots to savour, celebrate and enjoy victory at long last!

The Honourable Clann Ranald,stand proudly behind the people of Scotland's decision, to take the first real step forward, to reach our final goal of independence. A goal, that is now within easier reach, then at any other time in our long valient struggle, dating back to the earlier wars of independence, and final victory, at the Battle of Bannockburn in c1314. But contrary to bloodshed and mortal combat, this has been achieved by the pen.The pen has once again proved mightier than the sword.Long may it be so!

As Chief of the Honourable Clann Ranald of Lochaber, Mac Mhic Raonuill, I go on record to say, that I am delighted with the outcome of the battle for Scottish minds and hearts, and wish our leader Alex Salmond First Minister in-waiting, and all those who worked so hard and so tirelessly over all of these past years, all the very best of good wishes and success, in governing our country as it should be governed. And to do so, without rancour or ill=feelings towards their beaten rivals. But to work with them, and to show them all, that it was the right decision that our countrymen and women made on the 3rd May 2007.

Alba gu brath!

Ranald Alasdair MacDonald of Keppoch Chief of the Honourable Clan Ranald of Lochaber Mac Mhic Raonuill

The Speech of Major Donald MacDonald of Tir na Dris

"As I am now to suffer a public, cruel, barbarous and in the eyes of the world an ignominious and shameful death, I think myself obliged to acknowledge, that it was from principle and through conviction of it being my duty to God, my injured King and oppressed country, that engaged me to take up arms under the Standard and conduct of Charles, Prince of Wales.

It was always my greatest concern to see my ancient race and lawful Sovereign restored, and if, such was the will of Heaven, to lose my life cheerfully in promoting it. I solemnly declare I had no view in drawing my sword in that laudable cause, but the restoration of the Royal Family and the recovery of the liberty of these unhappy islands : now too long oppressed with usurpation, corruption and bribery ; being sensible that nothing else but the King's return could make our country flourish, under all ranks and degrees of men, and recover Church and State from these too many dismal consequences naturally flowing from revolutionary principles.

I must let the world know that the whole number of evidences to six or seven, brought against me by the Council for the Elector of Hanover, were all perjured. What they aimed to prove was relative to the battle of Gladsmuir. I swear they swore the greatest untruths nor did they dispose one fact. I earnestly pray for their repentance and that God will forgive them as heartily as I do, not only them but all my enemies in general. It is true I engaged in that battle and saw a great deal of bloodshed on both sides on which I was posted. But no evidence could discern my conduct. I thank God that since I drew my sword in that laudable cause, I have acted not only in obedience to the commands of my Merciful and generous Prince, but also in compliance with my private disposition, behaving with humanity and charity towards my enemies, the Elector of Hanover's troops, both in the field and in prison, to the utmost of my power, without receding at the same time from the duty and fidelity I owe to my Prince and the common cause. For my own Part, when I reflect on my innocence of what has been laid to my charge, I cheerfully give up all murmuring, resigning myself to the Divine Providence, and I am hopeful of mercy through the merits of Jesus Christ. I die an unworthy member of the Holy Roman Catholic Church in the Communion in which I have lived and however ill-spoken of or misrepresented, I am confident of happiness through the merits and sufferings of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And I here declare, upon the faith of a dying man, that it was with no view to establishing that Church or religion in this nation that I joined the Prince, but purely out of duty and allegiance to our only rightful, lawful and native Sovereign, due to him had he been a heathen, Mahommedan or even a Quaker.

I am hopeful and persuaded that our valorous Prince, will by the blessing of God, be at last successful; and that in such case he will take care of my poor wife and family ; and as I have left them no fortune, I recommend my son to the protection of Almighty God, the best legacy I can bequeath him earnestly requiring his obedience to my dying command, to draw his sword for King and country as often as occasion shall offer, and he shall by them to be required to do so ; and as I have the honour to die a Major in the King's army I am hopeful if my dear child deserves it, he will be appointed to succeed in that rank, and I pray that he will serve with the same honour, integrity and fidelity as I have constantly endeavoured to do. I conclude with my blessings to my dear wife, family, relations and friends; heartily and earnestly praying that the Lord may grant success to the Prince's army and restore the Royal Family".

"Forgive, O Lord my enemies and receive my soul. Come, O Lord Jesus quickly, unto Thy hands I resign my Spirit". Signed "Donald MacDonald" Saturday, Ye 18th October 1746.


Major Donald MacDonald of Tir na Dris was 1st cousin to the 17th Chief of Keppoch Alasdair MacColla (That Mirror of Martial men) who was killed leading the Clan Donald on the left wing at the Battle of Culloden in 1746. Clann Donald has been usurped their hereditary position on the right of wing of the Scottish army won by fame at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. King Robert the Bruce bestowed that prime position in the Scottish army after the courageous charge by Angus Og MacDonald Rex Insularum,leading the Clann Donald on the 2nd Day of the battle that was the turning point in the battle on that victorious day for Scotland.

Tir na Dris and Kinlochmoidart were exhibited on the Scotch Gate of Carlisle, where they remained for many years. English soldiery saluted the skulls of both men as they passed by.

Major Donald MacDonald of Tir na Dris is said to have been Scott's original of Fergus MacIvor the famous character in "Waverly". During his incarceration in Carlisle Castle, he was strongly ironed along with another 118 prisoners all confined in one room, where he remained for about 8 weeks before his trial and execution. He was refused permission at the place of execution to read his speech, which was a condemned prisoner of war's rights. He left his dying speech among the papers he transmitted to his family and several copies were afterwards made.

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A warm and cordial welcome to Keppoch clansmen world-wide.

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