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I have always been interested in photography as an artistic medium - but coupled with the reality of "Never enough time to try all the things you'd like..." I decided to stick to my own drawing and painting. Preferring Science Fiction, Fantasy, and those big beautiful Amazon women themes - how interesting that I would end up the publisher of Heavy Metal Magazine, married to a six foot one model I met in a comic book store.

As Julie was (and still is) a very active model when we met, I used to tag along to a bunch of her photo shoots, to watch her create her own art, and to help out. Often we would come home after a shoot day, and she would still have a ton of energy, as well as her $1500 dollar make-up on, and say, "I wish you knew how to use a camera, I have some great ideas we could photograph ourselves!"

So I decided to learn. Asking a few questions of some of Julies favorite photographers (Thanks David Meecy) I got enough of a lowdown on what the best idiot proof camera was. One that would also allow me to grow, some cool film to try, and then I was ready to...

shoot my wife..."

My postcard photo of Notre-Dame.
I bet no one else thought of
shooting it from this angle...heh.

Me in my Mona Lisa jacket, my
towering wife, and the
Eiffel Tower. Surreal.

In some of the early galleries you can see I tried a few different films and filters that gave me the chance to explore - but thereafter I always leaned towards "Sepia" and "Cross Processing a VPS 160" film for the effects they gave me.

At this point I pretty much started shooting all the time, about three times a week, and brought my camera with us wherever we traveled, and that was cool.

I took Julie to Paris for a vacation, and we got to shoot all over the "City of Light" which was a real hoot! The funniest thing that happened there was when we were walking around the Eiffel Tower shooting all kinds of nutty things, and after about a half an hour of shooting I turned around to see we had this huge crowd of tourists watching! I'm sure they were looking at me�

The most bizarre thing that happened on our adventures in France, was when we took a day trip out to the Palace of Versailles. There while shooting a bunch of cool shots around Marie Antoinettes cottage a bunch of guys from the French Penthouse Magazine came jogging by, recognized Julie, and stopped to pose for a photo!"

In Front of Marie Antoinettes cottage
with the staff of French Penthouse.

Hanging out in Munich near the
Animation studio Trixter--
where the best parts of
Heavy Metal Fakk2
were created.

An amazing church near downtown
Munich that survived the war.

Our next worldly camera toting trip (in between shooting around our homes in LA and Massachusetts), was to Germany to work on the Heavy Metal:Fakk2 film, and I was able to grab some great photos of the historic studio and Julie in between media interviews, and was later able to shoot a ton of reference photos of her in full costume for the animators to use.

A winter shot of downtown Northampton,
Massachusetts from the top of
our house.

Around this time, an interesting seed was planted in my brain, and it grew out of watching how Julie worked with many other photographers - she really knew what she liked in a finished picture, and knew how to pose in front of the camera to make it all work. You could actually see the sparks flying when the two artists were cooking on all creative burners. So I said, "You know, you'd be as great behind the camera, as you are in front of it - I'd love to see you start shooting a little here and there!"

She had a bit of techno fear at first, but being a person that never backs down from a challenge, she started playing around the house with "our" camera and some of her model friends, and the result was better than I ever expected.

Shortly thereafter my brief adventure in photography was over, and a new artist was born. You can see a lot of her work all over MetalTV, and there's a huge book of her work coming next year.
In the mean time, checkout the weekly galleries here on "I SHOT MY WIFE."

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