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Stoneage Romeos - 1984
12" (Big Time BT7018)
CD (Big Time/A&M CD5012)
CD (Arcadia acam8029) (digitally remastered 2002)
CD (EMI) Deluxe edition 2005 - Includes bonus tracks (Leilani Pt 2, Be My Guru, Hoodoo You Love - live), fold out poster and liner notes by Lindsay The Doctor Macgougall (Frenzal Rhomb)

Mars Needs Guitars Mars Needs Guitars! - 1985
12" (Big Time BT7053)
CD (Elektra ECD60485)
CD (EMI) Deluxe Edition 2005 - Includes bonus tracks (Bring The Hoodoo Down, Turkey Dinner, Death Ship - live, In The Wild -live, Teenage Head - live), fold out poster and liner notes by Wally Kempton (Even/The Meanies)
Blow Your Cool
Blow Your Cool - 1987
12" (Big Time BT7069)
CD (Elektra ECD60728)
CD (EMI) Deluxe Edition 2005 - Includes bonus tracks (Hell For Leather - live, Hayride To Hell Pt 2 (The Showdown), The Generation Gap, Jungle Bells), fold out poster and liner notes by Vicki Peterson (The Bangles)
Magnum Cum Louder Magnum Cum Louder - 1989
12" (BMG SFL10171)
CD (BMG/RCA 9781-2-R)
CD (EMI) Deluxe Edition 2005 - Includes bonus tracks (Cajun Country, Spaghetti Western, Love For A Friend), fold out poster and liner notes by Steve Macdonald (Redd Kross)

Kinky - 1991
12" (RCA PL90558) (U.K. gatefold sleeve)
CD (BMG/RCA 3009-2-R)
CD (EMI) Deluxe Edition 2005 - Includes bonus tracks (Stomp The Tumbarumba, I Think You Know, The Doctor Is In, Little Drummer Boy (Up The Khyber)), fold out poster and liner notes by Dave Gray (Rocket Science)

Crank Crank - 1994
CD (BMG/Zoo/Praxis 72445-11094-2)
CD (EMI) Deluxe Edition 2005 - Includes bonus tracks (Road Hog, Wait For The Sun, End Of The Line, Television Addict, Something I Forgot To Say, Deform A Circle, Wimp, I Heard Her Call My Name, Turn Up Your Radio - with Masters Apprentices), fold out poster and liner notes by Andy Strachan (The Living End)

Blue Cave - 1996
CD (Mushroom TVD93455 [Australia] / True North TNSD 0136 [North America])
- note: contains hidden track Whoopee Cushion, before track 1
- also packaged with More Electric Soup video in special box 1996 (tvd93476)
CD (EMI) Deluxe Edition 2005 - Includes bonus tracks (Concerto For Choppers Parts 1, 2, 3, Quicksand, Breakfast At Stephanie's, It's Too Slow, The Excorcist, The Ramones Medley), fold out poster and liner notes by Charles Fisher (Producer)

Mach Schau - 2004
CD (Capitol 5773412)

Evangaline (UK) released with different cover art. Bonus tracks include Monkey's Wedding, Song of the Year and White Night. Tracks not on this release are Isolation and Penelope's Lullaby

Electric Soup Electric Soup - 1992
CD (BMG 74321-10741-2)
also released as 2CD w/ 'Gorilla Biscuit'
Gorilla Biscuit Gorilla Biscuit - 1992
CD (BMG 74321-10742-2)
also released as 2CD w/ 'Electric Soup'
Electric Chair Electric Chair - 1998
CD (Mushroom MUSH33134.2)
also released as 2CD w/ 'Armchair Gurus'
(rockin' collection + 4 new songs)
Armchair Gurus Armchair Gurus - 1998
CD (Mushroom MUSH33134.5)
also released as 2CD - w/ 'Electric Chair'
(mellow collection + 1 new song)
Bite The Bullet Bite The Bullet - 1998
CD1 'Bite The Bullet' (Mushroom MUSH33156.2) (farewell tour set)
CD2 'Doppelganger' (MUSH33156.5) (JJJ Live At The Wireless performances)
CD3 'Bubble & Squeak' (MUSH33156.5) (rarities collection)
- above three packaged together as a limited edition set
- Bite the Bullet also released as a single disc
Ampology Ampology - 2000
2CD (Acadia ACAD8002)
2000 UK 2CD set; all tracks remastered. First time on CD for live version of "In the Wild", previously a vinyl b-side.

Leilani -1982
7" - w/ Leilani Pt. 2 (My Love Is A Red Red Rock) (Phantom PH15 / Big Time PH910)


Tojo - 1983
7" w/ Let's All Turn On (Big Time BTS984)

My Girl

My Girl - 1983
7" - w/ Be My Guru (Big Time BTS1077)

I Want You Back I Want You Back - 1984
7" - w/ Hoodoo You Love (live) (Big Time BTS1177)
Bittersweet Bittersweet - 1985
7" - w/ Mars Needs Guitars (Big Time BTS1503)
12" - w/ Bring The Hoodoo Down & Turkey Dinner (Chrysalis 122926)

Like Wow - Wipeout! Like Wow - Wipeout! - 1985
7" - w/ Bring The Hoodoo Down (Big Time BTS1588)

Death Defying - 1985
7" - w/ Turkey Dinner (Big Time BTS1692

Sorry! Singles Six Pack - 1985
7" - First six singles in plastic folder (Hogwild1)
Poison Pen

Poison Pen - 1986
7" - w/ In The Wild (live) & Teenage Head (live) (Big Time BTS1793)
12" - w/ In The Wild (live), Teenage Head (live) & Death Ship (live) (Big Time BTE1012)

What's My Scene What's My Scene - 1987
7" - w/ Heart Of Darkness (Big Time BTS2)
CD - w/ Heart Of Darkness (1998 reissue - MUSH01836.2) (Mushroom 25th Anniversary series)
M iddle Of The Land Middle Of The Land - 1987
7" - w/ Hayride To Hell Pt. 2 (Big Time BTS16)
Good Times Good Times - 1987
7" - w/ Hell For Leather (live) (Big Time BTS8)
7" - w/ Heart of Darkness (Eleckra 769481)
12" - w/ On My Street & Like Wow - Wipeout! (Chrysalis 123151)
Come Anytime Come Anytime- 1989
7" - w/ Cajun Country (BMG 105062)
- also in pop-up gatefold sleeve (BMG PB49345)
Picture Disc w/ Cajun Country (RCA PA49347)
12" - w/ Cajun Country & Hallucination (RCA PT49350)
CD - w/ Cajun Country & Hallucination (BMG PD49350)

The Generation Gap The Generation Gap - 1988
7" - w/ Jungle Bells (BMG 104977)
Another World Another World - 1989
7" - w/ Lover For A Friend (BMG 105079)

Axegrinder - 1989
7" - w/ Spaghetti Western (BMG 105071)

Sorry! B-Sides from Magnum Cum Louder - 1989
12" -Cajun Country/Lover For A Frien/Spaghetti Western
3 track promo (RCA90851RDAA)

Miss Freelove '69

Miss Freelove '69 - 1991
7" - w/ Stomp The Tumbarumba (BMG 105202)
CD - w/ Stomp The Tumbarumba & Brainscan (BMG 105202)

1000 Miles Away

1000 Miles Away - 1991
7" - w/ I Think You Know (BMG 105212)
12" - w/ I Think You Know (BMG PT44636)
CD - w/ I Think You Know (BMG 28542RDJ)

A Place In The Sun A Place In The Sun - 1991
7" - w/ The Doctor Is In (BMG 105240)
CD - w/ The Doctor Is In (BMG CCD004)
Castles In The Air - 1991
CD - w/ Little Drummer Boy (Up The Khyber) & Jungle Bells (BMG CCD0585)

The Right Time - 1993
CD - w/ Road Hog & Wait For The Sun (BMG 74321-16898-2)
CD - w/ Road Hog, Wait For The Sun, End Of The Line & Television Addict - 1994 (BMG 72445-14169-2)

You Open My Eyes You Open My Eyes - 1994
CD - w/ Something I Forgot To Say & Television Addict (BMG 74321-18497-2)
Less Than A Feeling Less Than A Feeling - 1994
CD - w/ End Of The Line & Deform A Circle (BMG 74321-20376-2)
Nobody - 1994
CD - w/ Wimp & I Heard Her Call My Name (BMG 74321-22066-2)
Turn Up Your Radio - 1995
CD - w/ Turn Up Your Radio (Cake Mix) (with Masters Apprentices) (EMI 8740782)
Big Deal Big Deal - 1996
CD - w/ Concerto For Choppers Pts. I-III (Mushroom D1282)
If Only... - 1996
CD - w/ It's Too Slow & The Exorcist (Mushroom D1422)
Waking Up Tired - 1996
CD - w/ Quicksand & Breakfast At Stephanie's (Mushroom D1334)
In Blue Cave - 1996
7" - Entire album on seven vinyl singles (Mushroom, no catalog number) - Only 300 made
Down On Me - 1997
CD - w/ A Hard Day's Night (live) & Big Deal (live) (Mushroom D1526
The Real Deal - 1997
CD - w/ Ramones Medley (Carbona Not Glue / Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue / I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement) (Mushroom MUSH01688.2)
Sorry! Hoodoo Voodoo EP - 1997
CD - w/ Down On Me (edit), Son-Of-A-Gun (edit), Mind The Spider, Whoopee Cushion, Son-Of-A-Gun & Down On Me (Mushroom D1527)
Sorry! That's My Team - 2003
CD -Australian National Rugby League Theme - A reworked version of What's My Scene
Nothing's Changing My Life - 2004
CD - w/ White Night and Keep It Alive (Capitol 548076)

Heartbreak High soundtrack CD (various artists)
A Lump of Coal CD (Christmas tunes)


Electric Soup 1992 (19 video collection)
More Electric Soup 1996 (8 video collection) (Mushroom v93476)
Electric Soup - The Complete Video Collection (both reissued together) 1999 (102019)
Best of The Cutting Edge Vol. 1 (MTV/Rhino 1987) - 6 min. interview/song snipets


Tunnel Vision 2005 (EMI) Track listing: CD 1: Leilani, My Girl, I Want You Back, Bittersweet, Like, Wow - Wipeout!, Death Defying, Poison Pen, In The Wild, What's My Scene?, Good Times, Middle Of The Land, The Generation Gap, Come Anytime, Axegrinder, Another World, Miss Freelove '69, A Thousand Miles Away, A Place In The Sun, Little Drummer Boy (up the khyber), The Right Time, You Open My Eyes, Less Than A Feeling, Turn Up Your Radio ('95), Big Deal, Waking Up Tired, If Only..., Nothing's Changing My Life, When You Get To California, Domino, Hall Of Shame (What Were We Thinking?), CD 2: Lets All (Turn On) - Live at Chevron Sydney 1984, I Want You Back - Live from The Ritz NYC 1987, Death Ship - CSN 1987, Another World - RAS Show Moonlight Concerts 1991, Tojo - Live at Chevron Sydney 1984, Like, Wow - Wipeout! - CSN 1987, Leilani - Live from The Ritz, NYC 1987, Death Defying - CSN 1987, Axegrinder - RAS Show Moonlight Concerts, 1991, What's My Scene? - Live from The Ritz NYC 1987, Middle Of The Land - CSN 1987, Miss Freelove '69 - RAS Show Moonlight Concerts 1991, Come Anytime - Big Day Out, 2004, In The Wild - Live from The Ritz NYC 1987, Bittersweet - CSN 1987, The Right Time - Big Day Out 2004, Be My Guru Documentary

Related - Dave Faulkner Projects
The Victims: Television Addict/Flipped Out Over You (7")(no label) 1978
The Victims: I Understand/Open Your Eyes/High School Girls/ TV Freak/ Disco Junkies (E.P.)(no label) 1978
The Victims: All Loud On The Western Front LP (Timberyard Records) all of the above tracks, plus the song "Perth Is A Culture Shock"; The Victims included James Baker
Beagles: No recorded output known
Midget & the Farrellys: No recorded output known
The Manikins: Love At Second Sight/Nuisance, All I Care About (7") 1980 - (this is the only Manikins single with Dave on it - no label)
Fleshtones: Powerstance CD 1991 (producer; also credited with piano, organ, backing vocals) "Broken Highway" motion picture score, 1994
The Sum of Us soundtrack CD (1994): 2 songs written by Dave, performed by Formula One featuring Tina Harrod
Antenna: Come On Spring/Paris to Dacca/Come On Spring (remix) CD Single 1998 (mush01821.2)
Antenna: Installation CD 1998 (Mushroom mush33155.2)
True Grit compilation CD "Sex Drive" w/Brad and 'Drum Machine' (Mark?)(Antfarm ant005)
Dave made several appearances onstage with the Fleshtones during their 1999 tour
The Persian Rugs (formerly known as The Moops) "Mr. Tripper" 5-song CD EP 2002 (SOS/Shock 110896)
The Persian Rugs "Turkish Delight" 2003
Related - Brad Shepherd Projects

The Fun Things: Fun Things E.P. 1980 (7" vinyl) (only 500 copies pressed):
- When The Birdmen Fly/Lipstick/(I Ain't Got) Time Enough For Love/Savage (no label)
This EP was remastered and reissued on 7" vinyl in 2000, with liner notes by Brad.
The Fun Things: Lipstick/Savage 1980 (French bootleg single) (Sonics SON09)
The Aliens (1978-80): no recorded output known; name changed to The Fun Things
The 31st (1980): no recorded output known
AK47: Brad on drums(!) no recorded output known
Phantom Agents (1!979): no recorded output known
Beasts of Bourbon: From The Belly Of The Beasts CD (4 tracks recorded live at the Trade Union Club, Sydney 1984, w/James Baker) Love & Death/E.S.P./Dead Flowers/Train Kept A Rollin'
Hitmen: Hitmen LP 1981 (WEA 600097) with Mark Kingsmill
Hitmen: It Is What It Is LP 1982 (RCA VPL10403) with Mark Kingsmill
Hitmen: 78-82 LP 1982 (Survival SRLP04) best-of compilation
Hitmen: Tora Tora DTK 1984 (ABC 138240) live farewell set; Mark Kingsmill only
Hitmen: I Don't Mind/Rock 'n' Roll Soldiers (7")
Hitmen: I Am The Man/Didn't Tell The Man (7") (WEA 100095) Mark Kingsmill only
Hitmen: Everybody Knows (I Don't Like Love)/Dancin' Time 1982 (7") (RCA 103982)
Hitmen: Bwana Devil/I Didn't Want To Love You (7") (RCA 104097)
Hitmen: Gonna Be Late (undated flexi-single) Mark Kingsmill only
Super K: Recurring Nightmare/Go Go (7") (Green LRS694) with Clyde Bramley
The Last Temptation (1988): Any info on this project is welcome...
Roddy Radalj & the Surfin' Caesars (19!89): Any info on this project is welcome...
You Am I: Tuesday CD single (slide guitar on When You Got Dry) (BMG 538623)
You Am I: Radio Settee CD (limited bonus disc to #4 Record CD) (guitar & harmonica on 9 tracks; recorded by JJJ Live At The Wireless)
Died Pretty: harmonica outro on "You Need Wings" from 1996 Deeper CD EP (Citadel citep916)
see also Ghostwriters entry under Rick Grossman
"True Grit" compilation CD "Sex Drive" by Dave Faulkner (Antfarm ant005)
"I'm In Love...with That Song" (Replacements tribute CD) "Alex Chilton" 1999 (ant007)
Shutterspeed "Up Go The Shutters" debut CD EP 1999 (producer)
Shutterspeed "Well Ain't That Something" CD EP 1999 (co-producer)(Laughing Outlaw label)
The Welcome Mat "Lap of Honour" CD (producer + some guitar work)
The Monarchs (formerly known as The Honkies) 2001 b/w This Is All I Can Do (7" vinyl)
The Monarchs "Loud" on the "Up Yours" compilation CD 2000 (Blue Murder)
The Monarchs "Make Yer Own Fun" CD 2001 (Shock bmoc200169)
The Persian Rugs (formerly known as The Moops) "Mr. Tripper" 5-song CD EP 2002 (SOS/Shock 110896)
The Persian Rugs "Turkish Delight" CD 2003 (EMI269825)
The Kelly Gang: Looking For The Sun CD 2004 (GAP 401) (additional guitars)

Related - Mark Kingsmill Projects
Hellcats: no recorded output known
The Other Side (1978): no recorded output known (also included Clyde Bramley & Rob Younger)
New Christs: Like A Curse/Sun God (7") (Citadel BTS1218) 1984
New Christs: Born Out of Time/No Next Time (7"( Citadel) 1986
New Christs: Born Out of Time CD 1996 (includes above 4 tracks) (Lance Rock, Canada)
Hitmen: see Brad Shepherd
Good Vibrations (benefit CD 1998; session contributor)
The Persian Rugs (formerly known as The Moops) "Mr. Tripper" 5-song CD EP 2002 SOS/Shock 110896)

The Persian Rugs "Turkish Delight" 2003
Related - Clyde Bramley Projects
The Stepfords: Gas Food & You" CD 1996 Shock Records (Clyde Bramley - bass, vocals) (SWAY001)
The Other Side (1978): no recorded output known (included Mark Kingsmill, Rob Younger)
New Christs: Waiting World/Face a New God (7") (Green)1981
Angie Pepper Band: Frozen World (7") (!Citadel) any others?
Minuteman: Voodoo Slaves/I Wanna Be Your Minuteman (7") (Citadel CIT001)
New Race: The First & The Last (CD reissue)(backing vocals on 3 tracks) (Total Energy 30130)
The Madisons (1993): Doin' Just Fine CD EP
Naked Lunch: no recorded output known
Streetlife: no recorded output known
Super K: see Brad Shepherd
Damien Lovelock: Wig Wig Wig World tour (see Rick Grossman entry)
The Wetsuits: Surf Beat (instrumental) on "True Grit" compilation CD 1998 (Antfarm ant005)
The Wetsuits: Safari-So-Good, Casino Moon on "Surforama" CD (Pink Flamingo pf006, 1998)
The Wetsuits: The Golden Tones of The Wetsuits CD 2001 (wet001)
The Stepfords: Gas, Food & You CD 1996 (Shock sway001)
Related - Rick Grossman Projects
Hellcats: No recorded output known
Bleeding Hearts (1977-78): "What Happened!" LP (Missing Link 1980)
Bleeding Hearts (1977-78): Hit Single/Boys 7" single (1978)
Parachute: The Big Beat/Falling (1978 single) included on "Missing Links: The Melbourne Club" compilation LP (1981)
Eric Gradman's Man & Machine: (1978-80): "Crime! of Passion" 12" EP 1979(?)
Eric Gradman's Man & Machine: The Bath (one-sided gig giveaway single) 1979(?)
The Traitors (1979): No recorded output known
Matt Finish: "Matt Finish Play Africa" debut single: Mancini Shuffle/CIA (1980)
Matt Finish (1979-81): Fade Away 12" E.P. (Giant EP01)
Matt Finish: Short Note CD (1981)(Giant 4655102)
Matt Finish: Short Note/Layman's Day (single)
Divinyls (1982-87): Boys In Town/Only You (7") (WEA 100178)
Divinyls: Science Fiction/I'll Make You Happy (7") (Chrysalis k8953)
Divinyls: Casual Encounter/Gonna Get You/Only Lonely (7") (Chrysalis k9190)
Divinyls: Siren/Elsie (7")(Chrysalis k9072)
Divinyls: Good Die Young/9:50 (7")(Chrysalis k9352)
Divinyls: In My Life/Don't You Go Walking (remix) (7") (Chrysalis k9522)
Divinyls: Pleasure and Pain/What A Life (7") (Chrysalis k9799)
Divinyls: Sleeping Beauty/Motion (7") (Chrysalis k9894)
Divinyls: Pleasure and Pain/In My Life (live)/Sleeping Beauty (live) (12" promo)
Divinyls: Music from Monkey Grip CD (!WEA CDMONKEY1)
Divinyls: Desperate CD (Chrysalis 3214042)
Divinyls: What A Life CD (Chrysalis VK41511)
Divinyls: Make You Happy 1981-1993 CD (Raven RVCD67) (lots of Rick in the liner notes)
James Griffin & the Subterraneans (1984-ish): recorded output unknown
Paul Kelly and the Dots (mid-1985): recorded output unknown
Flame Fortune: Sex Symbol/Jungle Boy (12") (1985) (Polygram 8806891)
Red Not Blue (1987): any info on this band is welcome...
Damien Lovelock: It's A Wig Wig Wig Wig World LP (1988) (Survival SRLP05)
- Rick did the studio bass work, Clyde Bramley took over the bass chores for the tour
The Gubbs (1989): Looking for info here too...
Ghostwriters: Ghostwriters CD 1991 (Virgin vozcd2055)
Ghostwriters: Second Skin CD (Mercury 5321992)
note: any harmonica work on Ghostwriters releases is most likely by Brad Shepherd
Men At Work: reunion tour 1998-99 U.S./Australia
Good Vibrations (benefit CD 1998; session contributor)
Neil Finn "Be My Guest" from promo CD compil!ation Next Next Next #001 1995. Recorded directly to the internet from the steps of the Australian Parliament to demonstrate the need for digital copyright legislation. Also features Rob Hirst, Kirk Pengilly (INXS), and Rick on bass
Ghostwriters "Fibromoon" CD 2000
Fire Hand Ember (with Matt Moffit): any info on this band is welcome...
The Persian Rugs (formerly known as The Moops) "Mr. Tripper" 5-song CD EP 2002 SOS/Shock 110896)
The Kelly Gang: Looking For The Sun CD 2004 (GAP 401) (Brad Shepherd guests)
Related - James Baker Projects
Slick City Boys (1974-75)
Beheaded (1976-77)
The Geeks (1977)
The Scientists (1978-79)
The Victims (1977-78)
Beasts of Bourbon (1983-85; 88-90) (Brad was in this band briefly, before 1st LP)
Eternal Teenagers (1986)
Legendary Stardust Cowboys (1986)
Adorable Ones (1987) (w/Roddy Radalj)
Dubrovniks (1988)
James Baker Experience (1985-86) (w/Roddy Radalj)
Related - Rod Radalj Projects
Exterminators (1977)
Invaders (1977-78)
The Scientists (1978-79)
The Rockets (1979-80)
The Johnnys (1982-84)
Big Choir (1984)
Love Rodeo (1984-85)
Dubrovniks (1988-89)
Adorable Ones (1987) (w/James Baker)
!Punjabbers (1988)
Roddy Rayda & The Surfin' Caesars (Brad Shepherd involved in this 1989 project?)
Beasts of Bourbon
Roddy Rayda's Databilly
Related - Kimble Rendall Projects
XL Capris

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