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Reversing a miserable service reputation after the Nextel merger will be key to the company's turnaround

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The Digital Dish

BusinessWeek's tech writers on the latest moves in the Microsoft-Yahoo takeover fight, building the perfect laptop, and newspaper companies' recent survival strategies

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Featured Review

Giving the Poor a Means to Work

Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail, by Paul Polak, offers optimism for anti-poverty organizations and any company interested in a market of 1 billion people


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Small Business Confidence Index

Experience a podcast and white paper on the attitudes and outlooks of today's small business owners.
December 2007/January 2008 Update

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An Ad Man Tests the Limits

Irwin Gotlieb became the most powerful man on Madison Avenue by innovating. But clients may want to scrutinize his latest move

Is Your Fund at Risk?

Credit default swaps have roiled the financial markets for months, and they're finding their way into the blandest bond funds

Dividends: A World of Smart Yield Plays

As U.S. investors increasingly look overseas, S&P's latest screen finds 20 attractive foreign companies with market-beating yields

Anti-Piracy vs. Free Speech

Proposed legislation in Britain aimed at curtailing illegal Web downloads would turn ISPs into "Internet Service Policemen"

The Next Tequila

As the premium spirits market heats up, makers of Brazil's national drink, cachaça, are hoping it will be the next big thing

Executive Summary

For roles in the Enron scandal, three former bankers receive three-year prison sentences. Plus, other news from around the Web


Microsoft Fails to Impress the EU

The software giant's new interoperability claims mean little to the lawmakers who ultimately will also weigh the Yahoo deal

The Secrets of Microsoft's Sync

When Good Isn't Good Enough



Raising the Bar

On-the-go folks keen on portion control enjoy a seemingly endless variety of healthy snack-bar options from distributors including Kellogg and General Mills

Global Business

Europe's Crop of 'Billion-Dollar Babies'

Not long ago, you could count the number of European tech startups that went on to become giants on one hand. Now all that is beginning to change

Asia's IPOs Hit by a Drought

Online Education Takes Off in India

Pilot Dispute Could Ground BA

Siemens Woos Car-Loving U.S. with Trams

Small Business

Stop Speaking in Jargon

Too often, business people communicate in jargon and buzzwords. They'd be more effective if they spoke in plain English

Today's Tip: Understanding Business Owner's Insurance Policies


Business Schools

Studying Students' Reaction to Chance

Darden's Luckiest Student contest has a big prize and looks at a serious research question: how we make rational decisions in the face of uncertainty

A Transcript for Soft Skills


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Dig into data on more than 350,000 companies—public and private—worldwide. Research over a million execs: what they make, how they intersect.

In Your Face: Cities–The Car Alternative

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Reader Steve Davis Writes:

"The key to 'growing cooler' is that we don't have to force people to live some way that they don't want. Meet the demand, help slow emissions. That's a win-win."


The Debate Room

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Computers: Where's the Green?

Manufacturers of information- technology hardware still aren't eco-friendly enough. Pro or con?


Podcast: Jim Ellis

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The Business Week, Feb. 22, 2008

What's behind $100 oil, using cash cards for crime, Verizon's cell-phone gamble, and more