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  Vocals: Akeboshi

  Started: 1999
  Status: Active


Akeboshi’s songs are a mixture of both Japanese and English lyrics. Mostly, he would sing in Japanese, but there are some in which the song is entirely in English, like "Wind", the first Opening for the Hit TV Series Naruto. Wind is a notable reason for his sucess but he has other good songs as well.

In technical terms, in his music he uses 5/4 rather than 4/4, the basic time measure. Examples would be "Wind" and "Kamisama no Shitauchi". So far, he has 4 mini-albums and two full albums.


My Thoughts

Akeboshi’s music is a good mix of accoustic and slow rock songs. He sings mostly in Japanese, although he does use English occasionally. Personally I find his songs too slow and lacking in emotion. The song "Wind" is probably one of his best.


Music Samples:

Need a player like Windows MP that can read wma files to listen!
Faerie Punks
Rusty Lance

shisha and kkunurashima




Meet Along the Way

Mini Albums
Colorful Drops
Yellow Moon

Rusty Lance


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