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These pages are dedicated to people that, over the years, have become my friends. Players and non players alike,
I thank them all for the great pleasure that their own individuality, talent and most of all, friendship, has given me.
Long may it continue.
  Emily Gardner.
I've been promising to put Em Gardner's picture and name to my friends gallery for a long time now as I've known her for a long time, and since it was me that originally started her off by teaching her a few odd chords, riffs, & a few bits & pieces on the guitar, she has now become an accomplished player in her own right and has since gone on to get a music degree with honours, Is a much sought after teacher and plays with numerous types of rock ,folk and R&B bands when she gets time. She is an extremely hard working and dedicated to her music and a long standing very good pal of mine. Oh, I forgot to mention . She's also totally barking mad and makes strange noises ! but apart from that she's lovely.
Cheers Em, good on yer kiddo, I've kept the promise to put you in the hall of fame/infamy ? at last !! so the beers are on you next time !!
      Elliott Randall.  
  Elliott is one of the most original and inventive guitar players that I know. He's the man responsible for that fabulous solo on the "Steely Dan" song, " Reelin in the Years" it still blows me away after all these years! I was priveleged to have Elliott guesting on my last album. A great treat. Thanks Ells.   Elliot Randall
      Geoff Whitehorn.  
  Geoff is one of the true great British rock guitarists. His great technique, knowledge, and feel make him one of my firm favourite players.A wicked sense of humour and a small bottle of hot thai sauce taken with him where 'er he goes makes him Top Geezer in my book!! Geoff recently did me the honour of playing on the "See My Way " album. Full on Geoff my son!
  Geoff Whitehorn  
      Big George  
The wild man of Stony Stratford, Mr George Webley A.K.A. "Big George" has a pedigree in music stretching from here to China! Amongst other things, he is a top radio presenter, self styled musicologist and production guru. His knowledge of music and the history of the business is without end. A marvelous guy to work with and a lovely guy too. I especially like him because I once owned an air rifle of the same name!!
  Big George  
      David Copperfield  
David Copperfield or Stan, as he is known to us, Is one of the funniest guys I know. A great comedian and actor, he was once part of "Three of a Kind", arguably one of the best British fast sketch comedy shows on T.V. He still has audiences in stitches where ever he goes. I've spent a few good nights with Stan in Devon over the years and have never stopped laughing from start to finish! A great guy to be with and a consummate professional. At thee service Bagwhan Copperfield!!
  David Copperfield  
      Jack Lancaster  
  Jack Lancaster was the original sax player in Blodwyn Pig. He now resides in California where he writes and produces film music. A highly talented player and multi instumentalist. We've had some good times together in the past and are still constantly in touch.   Jacl Lancaster  
  Nick Payn  
  One of Englands finest Sax & Harmonica players, Nick has played with nearly everyone in the world by now!! A soulful,powerful player, a great musician and wonderful dry wit. A long standing member of the Blods fraternity and a great guy.   Nick Payn  
  Jim Rodford  
  This guy has played with some of the biggest names in the business, including the "Kinks" the "Animals" and "Argent" to name but a few. Jim has played with the Blods and the M. A. band over the years,and is an innovative and solid musician. Small in stature but big in heart as his playing and his nature show! Good on yer Big Man!   Jim Rodford  
  Steve Rodford  
  Steve is one of Britains premier drummers and one of the best "groove" drummers i've had the pleasure of playing with. Steve is currently gigging with "Argent" who's line up includes his legendary Dad Jim Rodford on bass.You can hear Steve on the "See My Way" C.D. A great drummer and a truly lovely guy.   Steve  
      Jackie Challoner  
Sadly no longer with us, a great vocal talent,and a truly talented Lady. Jackie Challoner was otherwise known to us as Mrs Walker, the wife of Graham Walker our good pal and drummer for Blodwyn Pig. She was a great character and a dear friend.
  Jackie Challoner  
      Dave Pegg  
  The founder member of " Fairport Convention" a great all round musician ,bass player and raconteur. Definitely one of the lads! Cheers Dave.   Dave Pegg  
      Jim Leverton  
  Jim was a member of Blodwyn Pig for some time. A solid bass player and a great singer.He was once one of Steve Marriott's band "The Packet of Three" and has a long pedigree in rock music. A really likeable and witty guy and a pleasure to work and be with.   Jim Leverton  
      Tracy Graham.  
  Tracy is a greatly talented vocalist, currently working with one of my all time favourite bands, "The Moody Blues". We have worked on a few projects together and she is a true "pro" you can hear her on the "See My Way" CD. We irreverently nicknamed her ' The Tandoori Tart' because of her red hair, she is an absolute treat to work with and a real sweetheart! Cheers Tracy.   Tracy Graham  
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